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Hey i'd rather them tell us about a possible or iminent storm on the way because it never hurts to be prepared! I ignored their storm forecast once a couple years ago, when the power went out i was without any candles or batteries for my flashlights. It's the weatherman's job to inform us of good or bad weather on the way and i'm rather glad they do!

Have a good weekend too! :)

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I was thinking the same thing!

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Oh my, this is so incredibly heartbreaking. Makes me want to cry and i don't know anybody involved in the crash. My very deepest sympathies to the family of the Grandmother and child killed. And i'll be praying hard for a full recovery for both newlyweds, what a horrible thing to have happen just as their starting their life together. And for the officers and medical personal that had to be at the scene of the accident. I know they do that stuff all the time, but i always hear that when a child is involved it's so much harder for them to get through, especially in this case a child of a fellow officer. So very tragic...

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Very well said VOX!! That Richard Heene is a class A dirtbag!!! I hope he and his wife spend the max in prison, has to pay back every dime spent "searching" for his son and his children be given to parents who'll love them and take care of them as parents should rather than use them for their own selfish desires for reality shows!

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Oh i had no idea they had something like that! I'll tell my mom, she's got more clout with him than his little sister does! That would be fantastic though, cause he's one of those guys that will only go see a doctor if he's on his deathbed, which that night of course he very nearly was. But if he has one of those, the next time he's got flu like symptoms like he experienced that day, if it goes off then he'll be able to get help a lot faster. THANK YOU so much!!!

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I'd never heard of it either until it happened to my brother but in his case, he had developed a hole in his lung and thats how the air was able to escape and caused him to, as he said "feel like i was being strangled" everytime he tried to take a breath. I don't know the medical terminolgy for it but it is a very real and scary condition. The doctor told him he sees it most in tall, lean men who smoke. All of which my bother is and does. Not sure if there's any truth to that though.

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Oh good god, this is the 3rd story on KOMO today claiming something is racist. I'm bout to toss my cookies im so tired of hearing it. KOMO i'm done with you today until you can find stories with people that AREN'T throwing out the racist card!!!

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My brother suffered from that early last year. It was not, however, something he was born with so it came as quite a shock and horrifying scare to all of us. Including him though he'd never say it! He said he'd felt pain in his chest area for all that day and was sick but thought it was just the flu. it progressively got worse throughout the evening until he finally called up my parents gasping for breath and saying he couldn't hardly breath. They live less than 2 minutes away so he thought they'd get there faster than an ambulance would. Took him to Valley General and the nurses there thought he was having a heart condition. it wasn't until a couple hours later another doctor came in, ordered some tests and they found what had happened. They said it could happen again someday and as we're roommates, i've never gotten over my fear that i'll come home 1 day and find him dead on the floor. Hopefully though, Adam recovers as well and quickly as my brother did!

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I'm so sick and tired of hearing, this is racist and that's racist and everything is racist!!!! NOT everything a white person does is done to piss off the black community!!! Those that keep saying well that's racist are the ones that are KEEPING racisim alive and well in the minds of everyone else! We're all human beings and we all look the exactly the same inside, i can't wait for the day when people stop taking offense at everything because their skin color or ethnicity is a little different from others!!!

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Jamie, i send you my very best wishes to your family and especially your daughter that she's able now to live a very full and happy healthy wonderful life! I don't have children but i have 2 little nephews that are close to my heart as if they were my own children, and i can't begin to even imagine what your family has been going through. I hope and pray things for all of you will only get better from here on out. God bless.