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The same thing happens for me, whether I use ad blockers or not. :(

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Also, Florence Ann MacGougan: "Ambition: Preparing for matrimonial pursuits...Song: 'I Want to Be a Merry, Merry Widow'" .....

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I love this! "Phyllis Belle Johnson: Ambition: To murder the faculty." How sinister!

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Alternatively, send them a check for $99.98 and see if they get the message.

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I think I CAN tell you! Many my baby boomer aged relatives who grew up in Western Massachusetts say it this way. Western MA dialects are so weird because they mostly sound "normal American" (as in it's hard to pinpoint them to a specific region, not as in the average American speaks that way) and then BAM, someone throws in a "yoomur" or "ideer" or "myoo-zam" (very guilty of that one, myself).

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It works! I grew up in a place with no air conditioning and am now living in the muggiest place ever with insufficient AC. I put both of them to exhaust during the day and one of them to exhaust and one to intake at night.

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i'm probably too late, but: I have an IUD question! (Ugh, I know, but I am having so many issues.)

Ok. I got a Mirena a month and a half ago. I've never been on hormonal birth control before but reacted strongly (and negatively) to hormones the one time I took the morning after pill. The pain/bleeding side effects aren't too bothersome and I assume they'll go away as time passes, but I'm also having lots of side effects that ARE bothersome (crazy appetite leading to slight weight gain, basically no libido, increased depression and anxiety, weird self-image stuff, I'm always tired, etc.).

1. If you had a Mirena and had these kinds of side effects, did they go away after a while? I'm willing to wait it out if I feel there's a good chance these things will sort themselves out, but if not, I want to get this thing out of me.

2. If I switch to Paragard, will I hate everything forever? My periods have been tolerable but not great (pre-IUD, I needed heavy painkillers and occasionally had to take time off) and I know Paragard makes them worse for a while but they possibly even out again.

Ugh. No good birth control, is there?

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I didn't think my guy friends in college were that particular brand of asshole until I cut all my (long, blonde) hair off (and eventually shaved my head). Nothing shines a light on faux feminist men like a woman with a deliberately "unattractive"* appearance.

*I looked great with short hair so fuck them.

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Oh, I'm really glad to see that they're explicitly not checking immigration status. I think that this kind of investigation is a very necessary first step (hopefully there will be more steps following it) but I was nervous that it would end up really harming undocumented workers.

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I've been enjoying finding different ways to tie/clip/etc my hair while it's damp to promote waves (my hair is stick-straight), and I find this can also make my hair stay wavy for two days if I curl it! I do this:

and I've also started putting my hair up in a bun with just a clip, no hairtie, whenever I'm walking around or not at a place where my hair is supposed to look nice, and I feel like it's really helped to make it voluminous and slightly more intentional than my boring, straight, 0 effort hair.