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@Dagoon44 reported this news a week ago. -

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Go f**k yourself, San Diego.

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I agree with the sentiment up to a point. The fact that some homosexuals have to hide who they are for fear of some sort of retribution is certainly a terrible thing. I don't agree with the notion that making the initial assumption that a person is part of the majority is necessarily bad though.
For example, I was born and live in New Jersey. I'd say 90% of new people I meet also grew up in NJ. So I make the initial assumption that a person I just met is originally from this state. It doesn't mean that I think less of a person from Maine. It's just another detail about the person I'm talking to. Likewise, if statistically speaking, 90% of the people you meet are heterosexual, then it follows that you might assume someone you just met is heterosexual. Again, it's just another detail.
"Hey, did you ever go to The Land Of Make Believe out in Hope when you were a kid?" "No, I grew up in Ohio." "Oh, OK."
"So are you married?" "No, but I have a boyfriend." "Oh, OK."
Same difference.
If you live in an Italian neighborhood, then you will probably assume your neighbor is Italian. She might not be. And does it matter if your first assumption was incorrect?
One more example, then I'll shut up.
When you call a customer service line, you hear the person on the other end of the line, and you get a mental image of this person, right? You could be completely wrong about every detail you assigned to them, but if you aren't going to treat this person any differently if they have brown eyes or green eyes, is the assumption a bad thing?
My thought is simply that if the detail doesn't matter, then the assumption doesn't matter either.

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The token Catholic Fancy Bastard approves this comic! So if you get any static, just tell them I said it was fine.

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John dies.

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What is this crap? Someone who loves Tolkien's work, and can intelligently express their reasoning while respecting other people's views? I'm sorry, Mr. Caliche, but we simply can't have this type of thing on the internet. Refer to the previous poster to see the proper way to express your opinions.

OK, seriously, good point. I never looked at it from the other direction before - that the very thing that makes the books so painful to read also makes the movies equally brilliant.

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So would Batman count as a threeboot? There was the Adam West one, then the Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney series, and now the Christian "We're Fucking Done Professionally" Bale series.

And while we're at it, isn't it about time to reboot the Harry Potter series? I envision it set in Zimbabwe, with a yodeling faculty. Who's with me? No?

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Hmmm...that last comment was meant to be humorous, but I think it just made me sound like a dick. Maybe I should leave the jokes to the professionals.

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Tom Sizemore shammys Cadillac

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Wow, the sword is over $300, and there's still nearly 6 days left! A little out of my price range, but I can still drool over the pictures.

Oh yeah...nice comic.