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I’m confused here. Gerry Adams worked for MI5. Gerry Adams killed Jean McConville. Does that mean MI5 killed her?

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Every circus has a clown.

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Nil sasanach é. Tá fhios agam sin. Ni raibh mé ach ag magadh.

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“It would seem that you sir are a hypocrite” I think you’ve been reading too much Jane Austin. Selling poppies supports British soldiers. I notice you didn’t address that, flowery language or otherwise.

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Let’s be very clear about the issue here. There is a difference between the buying of poppies and the selling of poppies. Poppies may very well be bought to remember fallen soldiers but they are sold for a very different reason. Poppies are sold to raise money for the Royal British Legion. The RBL supports former soldiers many of whom served and abused here. The Student Union is considering a ban on the sale of poppies, not the purchase of them or indeed the wearing of them. No-one is suggesting that students can’t wear poppies whilst in the Student Union, but raising funds for soldiers who murdered with impunity here is wrong.

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He was indeed, but not before he and Menachem Begin blew up the King David Hotel and killed 96 British soldiers and civilians.

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Lyle, as a Sinn Fein supporter, I applaud your decision not to vote. The fewer people vote for the unionist parties the better I like it. Well done.

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More bloody foreigners coming over to take our jobs!!

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There are lots of examples, in countries all over the world of former freedom fighters/terrorists going on to form the government. The British Empire is full of them. At one stage Moshe Dayan was the most wanted man in the world!

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“..they have conveniently forgotten the controversial pardons given to the "on-the-runs". There weren’t any pardons given to anyone and the editor knows that. What is he talking about? Sinn Fein supplied the government with a list of names. The police and the PPS reviewed the list and if there was no active investigation or outstanding charges the person received a letter telling them so. That’s not a pardon. If the police suspect Gerry Adams of a crime then they should arrest and interview him. That’s not the issue here. The information upon which the police made their decision was in their possession for months. Why wait until 2 weeks before an election to act upon it? It’s the timing that is suspect not the arrest itself. It also, very conveniently, took the public gaze away from the judge’s damning criticism of the PSNI handling of flag protests.