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I will concede to that point. Very well said.

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Where is our Congress when Maher calls Palin a c****? This is the second or third time Rush has received a letter from Congress publicly condemning his words on something they fail to see. Democrats are the worst and some of these Republicans who fall for this crap disgust me.

The media gets hung up on the joking part of Rush and fail to see the principle her was talking about. Why is it your right for me to pay for you to have bc or to have sex? We know gun ownership is a right... where are my subsidized gun and ammunition? No I don't think because I have the right to use these things that they need to be free but that's the argument of the LEFT and I absolutely hate it.

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So when the American people stop respecting the law of the land what happens? ICE and this Administration can disregard the law but the IRS is a booming business that is filled with principle and resounding patriotism. When will the IRS stop doing their job? How come they never simply decide to not enforce the law?

Our country is heading into dangerous waters.

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I spend $1,000 on ammunition a year on something that is a mentioned right within the U.S. Constitution... I want social justice! Where is my governmental subsidy? LOL. Where are my subsidized rifles and ammunition.

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YES! They rape, stone, burn, and slaughter their own wives, mothers, fathers, and children so we have every right to call them what they are, savages. They are knuckle dragging bigots who kill people, WE SHOULD HAVE NOTHING TO APOLOGIZE FOR. Apologizing to them is to concede principle and our values which are worth much more than their favor of me.

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A good husband, son, father, friend, and patriot. He will be sincerely missed.

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Live your faith, hug your kids, love you wife, fight for your country.

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Man oh man this is... oh my.

God be with you Andrew. My prayers go to your family and friends that they seek the comfort of God in this time of need.

Andrew was a Patriot and did great things for this country. He will be missed as a "husband, a father, a son, a brother, a dear friend, a patriot and a happy warrior."

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Planned Parenthood needs sex to keep their business going. Where would they be without irresponsible choices?

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I knew this was a false story. One more cheap OWS entitled red diaper doper baby trying to gin up a bunch of crap.