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I agree with your analogy PH but I do believe many of the ideas have always been there but many of the ideas are getting lost in the internet because there are no leaders to champion them. I have been to numerous websites like this one where people are putting together great ideas that will help this nation. The problem is some of the sites (this one) are hard to follow a true brainstorming session. others have ease of use and great input by all participants (problem is instead of talking with over 600k members it's probably closer to 600 memebers) or they are ideas that we have all heard. By having a driver there will be a chance to find one place where we can have a place to fully flesh out our ideas, brainstorm amongst ourselves and then instead of those ideas lingering in the internet abyss actually be carried out to the public. Let's not annoint a leader but hope that someone steps forward and earns that distinction so that all of our ideas don't go to waste.

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I do believe that Palin is going to use this to her advantage. How many times has the media railed against a candidate for running a campaign while still seated in public office. This usually doesn't stick because all the candidates are doing it. This will be one time where a candidate steps out of her tax subsidized position and talks for the average everyday taxpayer and patriot. I hope she would align herself with more independent movements like this one, but even if she throws in with the Republicans she can accomplish a great deal, getting candidates in that are more likely to listen to their constituents than what we have. Talking up candidates in the 2010 election cycle and bringing some type of balance and hopefully a large speedbump for the Obama agenda would be a huge public service.

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I agree wholeheartedly. The one thing I wish this site would furnish is a better way for us to find people closer to us geographically. Living in the bluest of states , Massachusetts, finding others that are willing to organize around the ideas of smaller government and personal responsibility. I also find trying to follow threads which would allow vents to develop into solutions. I would wish the web administrators to work on these issues so that this site would still be a place for us to vent our frustrations but then work to solutions and then facilitate organization.

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Please follow this story and call your senator and demand that he supports Senator Grassley in this investigation. We might not be able to stop Obama from spending our money but we won't even be able toget them to spend the money lawfully if we allow the administration to fire IG's because they find Democrats abusing our tax dollars.

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Please call your Senators and ask for a full investigation. I've called Senator Kennedy's office and the aide said he knew nothing about this. I explained that I was reading about it in the Washington Examiner and had been for the past 4 days. When I pointed out that Kennedy's committee oversees Americorps and that the new administration shouldn't get caught in the muck like the Bush admin did over Attorney Generals (which was legal and as of now doesn't seem to be unethical). Please bring sunlight on this and help diinfect Washington.

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How do you post something more than just a few paragraphs?

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Arguments Against (and answers)-
I know friends on the left will say what middle class or poor family could afford this? My answer to this is that someone who takes a part time job at $8.00/hr for 20 hrs a week and place $160.00 a week into this account. That would be $8320.00 a year. if the spouse does the same that's $16640.00.
Not enough money in account at the time of catastrophic event. My answer ability to borrow from friends, family, or philanthropists.
Can't afford my bills now how can I place money into this account? You will receive at least 12% extra pay each week (payroll taxes, your contribution and employer's contribution), all part-time work goes into this tax free,after deficit paid off all income taxes should be able to be reduced(since the government would be out of the misery business and go back to their Constitutional labors) gifts from family and friends could be contributions instead of the fruitcake.
I can't live without govenment. (grow a set ).

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How to start-

All citizens who have already paid into and wish to opt out of social security, medicare, or both would be exempt from that portion of payroll taxes. The employer would then raise the employees pay the share to the payroll tax that they are responsible for.
All citizens who have paid into social security will be refunded their contributions to that date (it is suppose to be in a trust fund, I know can't keep from giggling) by the government.
Employers and employees can bargain paying the employee the employer's share to their health plan so the citizen can then buy a private plan (some will opt for HMO's,others premium plans, maybe some will decide for a paygo system with hospitalization/catastrophic illness coverage).
This is a nonmeans test to all the social programs currently paid for by the taxpayer.
The citizen would have portability of their plan (same if one moves to another state, to another job)
Property would be passed from generation to generation instead of disappearing through the death tax.
Freedom from the nanny state.

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Why do I say a hybrid of a 401k and flexible savings accounts? The reason is because these accounts can be used for a myriad of options... health care costs,private medical(nonemployer insurance) education for the individual or children, job retraining, paying bills during a time of crisis,retirement. Unlike the flexible accounts that are available today that only allow you to save and spend over the course of the calendar year these would be allowed to be rolled over year to year. I would also allow citizens to make loans to each other (for the above stated purposes) just like giving yourself a loan from your 401k (allows family and friends to support each other in times of dire crisis.Also at the passing of an account holder the dead can will their left over funds (if there are any) to their progeny.

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Something I'm trying to work out on my blog...please comment here or visit

What about real flexible spending accounts? My proposal is to allow every citizen to place up to $25k, tax free into a private account for themselves and parents can start one for children up to $5k a year,tax free. What would these accounts be used for?, for everything that Obama wants to bestow upon us through taxation (actual tax hikes, cap and trade,declinging dollar by printing astronomical amounts of currency) but allowing the citizen to have the choice and responsibility for how their lives progress.

These accounts would be a hybrid of the 401k and flexible savings accounts that we have now. The owner of the account will be able to invest in the stock market, T-bills,municipal bonds,gold iras,whatever the owner wishes. If his tolerance for risk isn't high (and maybe it shouldn't be when you see my plan fully fleshed out) could look to CD's or FDIC insured savings accounts.