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Hoof bump!

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Nah, the proper term is "cathartic".
Contrast is important in life!

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While the release timing and lineup may not be to your liking, this is good information to hear, so thanks for the details! Just to clarify, however, the VIP Liaison position is a person that sticks with the VIP and helps them out if they need something, keeps the VIP from being mobbed, and has all the information like panel times, transportation, and so on. The Guest Relations department handles the actual signing and booking of VIPs, and has always been staffed before the first day of preparations for the next year even begin.

Thanks again, and we hope next year will be more to your liking!
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Love the new rules. From the design rules page:
"By entering the Promotion, participants acknowledge and agree: (a) that the Designs cannot be used by participant (or others) for any commercial purpose whatsoever other than to enter this Promotion; (b) to be contacted by WeLoveFine via mail, email, and/or phone; and (c) that they grant to WeLoveFine and Hasbro the right to post, use, reuse, publish and republish in whole or in part, edited or unedited, in composite or distorted character or form, without restrictions as to changes or alterations, entrant’s Design(s) and entrant’s name and/or likeness, in any and all media now known or later invented, throughout the universe and in perpetuity, for sale, illustration, promotion, art, editorial, advertising, trade or any other purpose whatsoever, including for purposes of example and without limitation, on Hasbro’s website located at, and for promotional purposes associated with Hasbro in general, without attribution, notification, compensation or any additional consents (except only where prohibited by law)."

In other words: "Join our contest and give us free designs to use however we want." Nice. It even includes usage of "entrant’s name and/or likeness", in perpetuity, however they wish.

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Yes, it was Walgreen's. Seth made a typo.

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Oh, well, that clears all that up, I was getting worried about the market stability in the near future. Thank you for such journalistic professionalism!

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This is a good opportunity to bring Minty back: The element of Socks and general good-natured carnage. Then have her and Pinkie Pie go on rampages of silliness.

Or Inkie Pie: the element of Patience. Have her move from the rock farm to Ponyville and constantly strive to chill Pinkie the buck out..

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Ah, my apologies. No, there is no way to tell, but the first run is sold out anyway.

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Um, that's what the GoogleDoc tells you how to do.

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Worth noting that the colors on the second run (for all cards) are more saturated than on the first run.
Also, to be anally accurate, it is the *font* that has been changed for the sweepstakes promo codes on the second run, not the text. The font was originally OCR-A (not sure what the new font is other than a monospace sans-serif). It was probably changed because of the difficulty in telling "O" from "0", and which was which.