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When food was scarce and acquiring it took immense effort we evolved the taste for fat and sugar because such substances provided almost instant energy. Today, food is widely available, takes no energy to acquire it, and fat and sugar are still the tastes we crave, typified by ice cream with chocolate flake.

Consequently, food suppliers use fat and sugar to make their products taste good. A few decades ago, fat was demonised and linked to heart disease, so low fat diets became popular. Food producers reduced the fat in their products but this meant reducing the attractive taste. They compensated by increasing the sugar level. Meanwhile, carbohydrate products such as pasta, rice and wholemeal bread were promoted as being low fat healthy foods and don’t forget your five a day portions of fruit.

A health diet consisted of low fat meals laden with sugar, carbohydrates which are just polymers of sugar molecules, and fruit juice, full of natural and added sugars. Low fat diet actually means death by sugar. Worn out your pancreas yet?

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There are too many problems to list so let me illustrate my points this way. Poorer parents may be tempted to fill up hungry young ones with potato crisps, Surely chicken nuggets have more protein? But what about the lashings of ultra high sugar containing ketchup? Much better that the child has something more healthy like a tiny pot of yoghurt with an absolutely massive sugar content.

Next time you shop, look at the sugar content of each item you pick up. It may shock you. It is quite difficult to find anything with low sugar. I suspect most people look at the fat content, that is probably a mistake brought about by decades of an obsession with fats when sugar is the real silent killer.

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Growing old teaches one the raw truth about human nature. At least as far as this society is concerned, people do not learn from their elders.

Those who witnessed how this country changed after we were absorbed into the political construct of the EU voted to leave in the referendum.

Those who suffered the indifference and incompetence of nationalised industries have no wish to turn the clock back. The same people saw the horrors of a hard left Labour party and the mob rule of unconstrained union bullies.

That generation learned many lessons, but here we are again. Those who have never witnessed life outside the EU don’t want to leave and will fight to rejoin. The hard left leader of the Labour party is the new political darling of youth. They want to renationalize everything.

They don’t take advice from those who have seen it all before. They blame them because the old are stupid and the new generation knows better. Sad, really.

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The OECD publishes data on hospital beds provided per 10,000 of population for all major countries. The UK has been reducing the number of beds over several years, presumably for cost cutting reasons.whilst allowing the population to soar due to incompetent control of non-EU immiigrants and no control over EU immigrants.The UK is moving rapidly down the ranking table.

The media, particularly the BBC, never mention such statistics because the effect of population on health provision is a racist matter. The elephant in the room must remain unmentionable.

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I always feel depressed when politicians decide that Green is a vote winner. It is even worse when they react to a green crisis. We get the equivalent of Miliband's Climate Change Act, an absolute disaster for consumers with no benefit whatsoever.

I do fully agree that plastic in the oceans must not be tolerated and urgent action is required. This action must be ruthless, fast but based on knowledge. There are many uses of plastic for various reasons including aesthetics, presentation, protection, longevity, quality, freshness and health.

Some of these can be stopped immediately, others not. Some plastics have safe alternatives, others not. There are obvious research programmes, alternative materials, various solutions and also difficult problems.

This is why experienced and wise people must plan the response to this crises, not politicians and their spads.

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Unfair and selfish? No it is not. Democracy is the best system that we have. Older people voted to save you, the snowflakes, from yourselves.

Whether you like immigration or not, The current rate is not sustainable and causing damage such as the shortage of housing and resulting price inflation, pressure on services such as hospitals, GP surgeries, education and transport. Don’t take my word for it, look at the facts provided by the OECD and other reputable organizations.

The next bit in your rant is meaningless but I assume you are talking about freedom of movement. Young people had no trouble traveling all over most of the world before the EU existed and it will be the same long after the EU has collapsed.

The unelected Commission cannot be sacked either. That is not democracy. We agree that our politicians were superfluous, but now they have a real job to do.

Don’t forget, wisdom comes with age. Look forward to that.

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In recent years there have been conflicting claims about the safety of neonicotinoids used as pesticides and glyphosate, used as a weedkiller. It is essential that we make the right decisions about these substances based on sound test results.

I have seen claims that some official agencies within the EU have been falsifying results and changing the conclusions of test reports. I do not know the details but I have not heard that such allegations are receiving the appropriate scrutiny or of any official investigations.

It is bad enough when scientific studies are inconclusive for genuine technical reasons but it is completely unacceptable if the scientific conclusions are being changed deliberately for fraudulent, ideological or political reasons.

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The political stalemate in Germany must represent an erosion of power for Mrs Merkel. Even in our very limited exposure to EU politics (the BBC finds it difficult to change after 40 years of pretending that the EU has no influence on our governance) it is clear that Mrs Merkel is rarely mentioned.

She has some difficult problems. Her migration policy was a major vote loser and there are signs that a second wave of immigration may be starting.

Her climate change policies are a disaster. Germany has invested billions on renewable energy yet she now has the highest cost of energy in Europe with zero reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The problem is that having closed down nuclear generation, the country is reliant on coal when the wind fails to blow and the sun doesn’t shine. Figures just released show that Germany has more than 40 gigawatts of solar generation capacity yet during the whole of December, received only 10 hours of usable sunshine.

Such inefficiency is incredible in any walk of life, it must be appalling to German industry which is becoming less competitive due to high energy costs.

Then we have the EU keen to move towards federalism. Macron is pushing for a treasury, central taxation and redistribution of wealth to stabilize the Eurozone. All of this would be seen as a disaster for the German voters who regard it as a plan to throw away their hard earned money.

The only thing that surprises me is that Merkel seems to want to continue in power.

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Both points are just your opinion. I totally disagree with your opinions.

You surely cannot be suggesting that citizens exercising their right to vote is unfairness? You are suggesting that, are you not? Is voting more often a crime? Grow up!

Voting for Brexit is a betrayal? Taking back powers from an unelected bunch of bureaucrats is a betrayal?

You have some very strange ideas.

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The site is excellent. Sometimes I find the views infuriating but that is democracy, debate and why so many take part.

It would be good to get each minister to do a post about their department to get feedback and views or even to air the more controversial choices in their patch in order to canvas opinion.