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I thought that no deal was a disaster until the Chequers surrender document made no deal look very attractive.

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The entire remaining cabinet should be deselected by their constituencies for deliberately undermining government policy. I would love that.

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Press reports in recent days suggest that it would be better to get a change in policy than a change in leader. That might have been possible if this crisis was simply about the choice of policy. It has gone much further than that. Mrs May’s actions which have been discussed in great detail are concerned with deception and betrayal. These will not disappear with a new policy.

What has been going on stinks and it is time to clean out the stables.

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The Chequers white paper must have been planned over a considerable period of time meaning that the deception was carefully executed. Many people must now be wondering whether this was the plan all the time. Make no progress until the last minute then produce a plan from thin air and bounce the cabinet and then the country into accepting a Remain deal. “Brexit means Brexit” now has a sinister and cynical ring to it.

The cabinet is now in a very bad place. The opportunity to walk out with integrity is now almost gone. If Mrs May quite rightly gets booted out, will these people expect to carry on as if nothing happened or even try to get her job? It must be fairly clear that some of them knew about the deception.

What a shambles. Some of the cabinet and the country deceived in a plot to undermine a democratic decision by the people. This is the UK, not some tin pot dictatorship. Heads MUST roll.

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It is funny hearing Remainers talk about honesty.

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Mrs May’s smoke and mirrors assertion that her plan restores UK sovereignty is based on a deliberate confusion of technicality and reality. She claims that parliament will have the right to reject an EU rule or a decision of the ECJ and that guarantees our independence.

She neglects to point out that non-acceptance of a rule will result in our exit from the agreement so this is something that parliament will never contemplate.

The way in which this plan was cooked up in secrecy behind the backs of her ministers is surprising. Even more astonishing is that these ministers remain in the cabinet and insist that this plan meets the requirements of the people.

This fiasco questions the integrity of the entire remaining cabinet. I suspect their political careers are over, together with many Conservative MPs as the voters switch their votes to UKIP.

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TV used to provide an evening’s entertainment and some programmes were regarded as unmissable. Today, the opposite is true. Most of the BBC output is rubbish. The soaps have become ridiculous, the endless food and baking programmes don’t interest me and the rest of the reality stuff is mind numbing. Stuff like “How clean are your gutters?” or whatever, doesn’t seem like entertainment to me.

The “One Show” is too much like Blue Peter, News Night is an insult due to its biased reporting, nature programmes, once the jewel in the crown are now alarmist propaganda for climate change and science programmes have been dumbed down.

I seldom watch TV and if other options are not available, I end up watching often seen repeats of Midsomer Murders or Lewis, neither of which is on the BBC.

If the BBC shut down tomorrow, on balance, I would be quite pleased.

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Even the flagship Radio 4 Today programme has become a feminist/LGBT magazine with anti-brexit propaganda filling the gaps. I listen to the mainly biased news bulletin with its selective content then turn it off.

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Sorry, i should have re-read what I wrote. I agree with your comment. We should not try to maintain the current relationship because it is incompatible with getting our independence back.

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I think that Project Fear, Remainers and the civil servants (who have been working closely with their Brussels counterparts for decades) have convinced Mrs May that we must somehow remain in the EU single market and customs union. As the clock ticks down to zero, she has become more and more desperate to find a way to achieve that. Now, at the eleventh hour, that way has been found.

Unfortunately, it relies on a white paper that claims no loss of sovereignty while the detail points at the opposite. We have been here before.