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It is amusing to watch the remainers scramble about, trying to avoid the blame for making such a pig’s ear of Brexit. We have had the continuing Project Fear. I think we are on version 3 at the moment but miraculously, “ Despite Brexit” good news dominates the real situation and the fake news threats are just that.

Then we have the cabinet ministers and MPs who do not want to leave the EU and wish to frustrate every attempt to leave. That shows contempt for our political system.

The Remain force in Brexit insisted that we must remain within the single market as a very minimum. Then they insisted that we must remain within the Customs union as a very minimum. Now they don’t know what to say because the EU has made it very clear that you cannot be in the single market or the customs union if you leave the EU.

So now they have switched to demanding a re-run of the referendum, which they lost. That has not been very successful, so now they have re-branded it as the “Peoples Vote.”
We are supposed to jump up and down and say, “Oh, that sounds nice, I want one of these.”

Tough. People are not that stupid. So the Remainers keep pushing, keep chipping away. The one thing that you will NEVER EVER find a remainer do, is make a positive case for remaining in the federalist future envisioned by people like Macron, Selmayr and those in power. I throw out this challenge to the many that frequent this thread, never mind this site. I say to them, why should we sign up to a federalist EU?

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Yes. His initial confidence might have worked as a sound bite but it was a full blown interview. As time went on, his defense of May became a bit threadbare and his confidence plummeted. The BBC could have destroyed him then, but clearly their agenda was to protect Mrs May.

On a totally different but media related story. There are two lots of good news. Nick Clegg has a job with Facebook.

And, yes, it is in California.

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Claire Perry wants to reduce CO2 to zero net emissions right across our economy. This is alarming. It could prove terminal for the economy. It seems that lunacy within the cabinet is spreading. She has written to Gummer and his committee which is another worrying development. I strongly suggest imposing restrictions on the movements of cabinet ministers until the Brexit related outbreak shows signs of coming under control.

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Jeremy Hunt was on the Today programme saying what a splendid job the PM was doing. He turned on his placatory, calming, sickly mode, exuding excuses and praise in equal measure. His message was, get behind our leader with your support and it will be all right on the night.

The BBC seems very unwilling to rock the Chequers boat. It must realise it is awash, kept afloat, presumably by the cabinet bubble. That is the same bubble that isolates its inhabitants from reality.

If the BBC had been more realistic and had abandoned its agenda in favour of journalism, it would have asked Hunt if pretending Brexit is on course was an act of credibility self-destruction. Martha should have asked him to explain why a lame duck obsessed with a dead duck was fit to negotiate anything.

Hunt’s tried his best but it was pathetic, a word that best describes the entire cabinet. They are sleepwalking with their fingers in their ears, This government is the most useless in our history. MPs must act now to put an end to this national embarrassment.

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I am always surprised by people saying that they want immigration control and to leave the EU one minute, then next minute they say that Ms Davidson would make a good party leader. I try to be consistent.

I know already that the members of the current cabinet care more about their jobs than the future of this country. I shall never trust any of them again. As far as I am concerned, they have blown it.

Unfortunately, I know already that Remainers will feel nothing but gratitude, but what about the rest? Am I alone in having strong views about integrity, national duty and honouring public trust?

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Mrs May thinks that she is making progress. The only progress that I see is that she keeps delaying when we shall actually leave the EU, if ever, and it will costs us billions more in payments.

She is a lame duck Prime Minister with a dead duck Brexit plan, but still the spineless, useless cabinet supports her. Each and every cabinet minister is letting the country down very badly.

The plan, by default, seems to be to run out of time and have parliament rule out a no deal exit. They had better get the troops on the streets.

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The elephant in the room is why, in 2018, do we need a backstop.

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You are right, but they don't have guts to tell her. They bottled out of another opportunity today.

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It is May and her cabinet of remainers who refuse to accept the democratic result of the referendum who are destroying the party. The voters will not accept betrayal.

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The deliberate or incompetent prevention of Brexit by May and her band of unelected europhiles does not require a re-run of the referendum. It requires a change in PM to a new leader who has both the will and the competence to take the country out of the EU as instructed.