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Seems like a good time to reform the Lords. I bet a majority of voters would approve.

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The first university climate studies department in the world was set up in the Seventies by Hubert Lamb. It was his ambition to create a team to study our climate to understand the fundamental factors involved. He retired a few years later. His team became obsessed with global warming and greenhouse gases and never did establish a fundamental understanding of the natural factors that affect our climate. It was assumed that carbon dioxide is the only real driver.

This department then featured in all the ClimateGate emails. Their alarmist claims motivated a whole new generation of climate scientists throughout the world. They learned their craft from the pioneers and were passionate about saving the planet, not the best objective outlook for scientists.

Climate science is full of pal reviewed scientific papers as discussed in the emails. The rest of the scientific world respects peer review which is why they give the benefit of the doubt to climate science. Listing all the learned bodies that regard climate science as being respectable is a meaningless contribution to groupthink.

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The evidence shows that severe weather events such as hurricanes and floods have been lower than average over recent decades. There have been one or two severe ones recently, but these are less severe than very bad ones in the 1930's.

These predictions are the output of models and the models have been proven wrong in other respects such as the missing hotspot over the tropics in the troposphere and of course the large deviations between temperature predictions and reality.

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It is difficult to get people to argue a case that will put them out of a job.

Antarctica has been cooling and gaining ice for decades, despite a 20% increase in carbon dioxide. All the learned institutes in the world cannot hide the fact that climate science is cr*p

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The best thing the government could do is to assemble a team of physicists, statisticians, chemists and mathematicians to carry out an independent assessment of climate science and its failed models.

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The reduction of emissions and change to renewable energy has already cost £11.3 bn and most of our high energy industries such as aluminium smelting have transferred elsewhere.

Global sea level magnitude and rate of increase is unchanged over hundreds of years and dozens of recent publications conclude that the level earlier in the holocene was two metres higher than today. Another recent study claims that the main effects on sea level are natural ocean changes due to currents, coastal engineering and changes in land use such as landfill of wetlands.

You should realise that many countries claim the threat of rising sea levels. As admitted by Ottmar Edenhofer, the IPCC is concerned with wealth redistribution using climate change as the vehicle. The Maldives complained for years that they were sinking under rapidly rising seas. They have recently progressed from being a sinking chain of atolls to having an impressive chain of luxury tourist hotels and a brand new international airport.

The Met Office surface sea temperature dataset HadSST3 shows that the world’s oceans have been cooling since 2016.

The Climate Change Act was the greatest self inflicted vandalism in the history of our nation and in terms of CO2 reduction it will have zero impact on climate. It will, however turn us into a third world country reliant on candle light with millions of people in fuel poverty. The act has a long way to go in destroying our economy. It will cause fuel bills to soar. Making it more demanding is a sick joke.

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It was reported the other day that immigrants from several EU countries enjoy benefits here that are more than three times what they can earn by working in their own country. We really are a soft touch. I'm sure even the EU would agree that freedom of movement has some limits.

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The Home Office should kick out people who have come here illegally. Over many years I have formed the impression that it is spectacularly poor at doing this.

Suddenly it has started kicking out people who were invited to come here to stay years ago, but may not have the correct paperwork. This is clearly wrong and should be corrected immediately.

The home office has been deemed “not fit for purpose” over many years, including by a Home Secretary. It seems that nothing changes. Before we get carried away with what a new immigration policy would look like, let us have a system in which entry, exit, asylum, refugees and deportation of illegals is seen to be working properly. That would be a good start.

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I've decided to self identify as a kettle.

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I did know what you meant but when you think about it on a deeper level, it is a thought provoking question and it is that deeper question that I was trying to answer. I suppose I concluded that all mass killing is terrible, but the suffering of the killed is important and whether it is instant or prolonged. So too, is the suffering of those who survive but are affected. Considered at that sort of level it is not a trivial question and CBW probably comes out worse than a nuclear bomb.