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So true Jeff. The bible keeps things real. No one should ever think the bible is not relevant or out-dated. And when you think that the Psalms were songs to be sung, sometimes we wonder if today's praise and worship songs have missed some of the aspects of our raw emotions.

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My wife and I ended up adopting through the foster care system. Cost for us was nearly $0 and in some circumstances, there are long term benefits for the adopted child such as free education to select schools. Just as Kirk referred to, there are many, many children within the US that need a good home and family to adopt them. Those who want to adopt, but don't because of cost are missing out of opportunities right under their noses. I congratulate anyone for adopting anyone around the world. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Steve! You've always been a cheering section to me and many other people. Don't under-estimate the power you have in doing so.

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What's the balance from not just running away and not really solving your own issues or transition in a way that brings health to you and the organization that you're leaving?

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Thanks for the comment Pattie. Glad to hear you are doing well. Glad to hear that my writings help other people figure out life and God in this life. Let me know if you'd be interested in me blogging about anything in particular. I like a good challenge.

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most excellent reply and finish to the truth. I hadn't connected those dots in my mind. That's a sermon that will preach!

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Thanks for sharing Joe, appreciate your wisdom. It is good to Praise His name. We should always tell God what we want and believe that He can, but always believe He knows best.

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said most excellently!

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sounds a lot like me and several people I know, including my wife. I'm very calm and love to be introverted and read a book. I do love relationships, but I just don't have a bunch that I fill my time with. I do know lots of extroverted people who know a lot of people but would admit that they only have a few meaningful relationships. both are the same and it's okay to be yourself. we best function for God in our comfort zone. we should always stretch ourselves to work and flex our comfort zone so it doesn't become stiff and ineffective. Plus, most people can pick out fake people and that sometimes is more of a turn off. I would encourage you to read "Enemies of the Heart" by Andy Stanley and Beth Moore has something called "So Long Insecurity"

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Thanks for sharing tina. I would say that it seems to be a very common tendency to push back and run when we get hurt. I mean, who wants to get hurt on purpose, right? not that we should keep putting ourselves in those kind of situations to get hurt, but we also realize that the world we currently live in is a sinful place filled with sinful people who sin against us and we as well sin against them. Any time there is hurt, it should be an automatic recall to our memory that heaven is not yet here.
It's good that you noticed that the pastor himself was going through heavy stuff. as a pastor, I can tell you that it can sometimes be the loneliest place as it seems that everyone around only cares about their issues. Of course, we pastors know that it's part of the job and it's one of the reasons we felt called into the ministry, to help others.