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I Found the following in the minutes from the Plymouth Planning Board.

"this phase would create sixteen residential lots and the road layout for Painted Cottage, Morning Stroll, and Shutter Latch. Some of the homes will front on a pocket park and have the road running to the rear of the buildings. Upon completion the neighborhood will have 32 residential lots. Mr. Judge explained the location of the subdivision that will run between Summerhouse Drive, Market Crossing, Pinehills Drive and Meeting Way."

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Go by the countdown clock.

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I was pondering the same thing. , I was thinking that opening a few of those upper windows once in a while to let out the hot air will really help in the summer heat.

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I think putting a little sofa bed up in the tower might make a great sleeping space for a guest, or even a teenager. There may not be much room, but what a cool spot to have a room. A few changes to the furniture, and you've got an awesome private loft space.

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You got it! There's a little inset area there with mirriors on the oven wall and a door on the other side. If you look at that area from the tour of the dining room, you can see the door. I thought it was a coat closet until the basement was mentioned.

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Funny, I was just wondering about that door underneath the stairs. (You can see it in the virtual tour of the dining room...). I checked out the blueprint and it does show stairs going down from there. Also, it you look at the HGTV Pro site, Slide 8 in the Foundation to Framing has a pretty clear picture of the unfinished basement space.

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You have to download and install the program from It's not the same as maps. You can find all sorts of interesting things in your own area as well as all over the world. I once lived in the neighborhood where the house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off was, and I never would have know without google earth!

Phillippeterson: with a lot as big as this one, I'm thinking there's a little elbow room between houses and streets. I like that the bedrooms won't be getting hit with afternoon sun, which I'm suffering through right now. I also like that the great room and patio area will showcase the view. I spend most of my time in the bedroom face down in a pillow, anyway!

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I'm so excited about this home. I spent a little time snooping around to try and get a "Google Earth" view of the site. If predictions about Phase 2 Site 87 are right, this home looks to sit exactly right on an oddly shaped 3.10 acres. That driveway helped me figure out that the sun room faces east, while the back patio will allow for unobstructed north/west views of the Sandia sunsets. It appears as though the front door faces south.

If you check out the area in google earth, (Search for the San Pedro Overlook Clubhouse) the ground level pictures show just a couple inches of snow on the ground, and the area looks lovely.