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The answer is simple - only free men are armed.

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What I heard was 9% of voters were Dems and 53% went to Santorum as opposed to 18% for Romney. That puts 4.77% of the total vote in the Dems for Santorum category and 1.62% for Romney.

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Hmm... I had thought the Dems were a little more sensible about gun rights here. They were the ones that passed the right to carry law a couple of years ago. Just goes to show you can never trust a Democrat.

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I honestly thought that video was a parody when I saw it earlier.

Here's my logic - if I have to pay for birth control for women I've never even met, let alone slept with (where's the justice in that) because it could reduce the risks of some types of cancer - then I would advise these women that beer is a cancer fighter because the hops are full of antioxidants. So I'll pay for their birth control if they pay for my beer. In all fairness though I'd have to warn them that they're bound to get the short end of the stick on this one. On the other hand if I drink enough of it these feministas might start looking attractive and that might just justify the birth control.

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9% of Michigan voters were Democrat and they voted overwhelmingly for Santorum. Without that the margin of victory for Romney would have looked about right.

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CGI sucks.

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CGI sucks.

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I saw Act of Valor this evening and don't be confused by those critical of the "acting". There was none - at least as far as the SEALS are concerned. It's called "keeping it real". The "actors" are for once believable as military men. No melodramatic lines, just real men doing a real tough job. If riding along with Navy SEALs appeals to you, this is the movie for you.

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Just saw Act of Valor. Awesome movie. Let's hope it does so well it sets Hollywood on it's ear.

CGI sucks. When I was a kid you got to see a cartoon before the movie started, now they make you watch it in the middle of the feature.

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Generally speaking, bureaucrats would be doing society a far greater service by sitting at home drawing unemployment.