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This article really says nothing about the cause of all this. Some idiot psycho guns down some of our finest citizens, our front line. I cry for the tragedy that has come to our police officers and their families. I resent the meaningless interviews of this guys so called friends which seams to attempt to slant the story to try to explain this guys rampage as some how being a rant about his right to bear arms. This guy was an idiot! I usually tend to be very moderate on these things but what gets me about the media and the current administration concerning the 2nd amendment is what they are not saying. The biggest story that catches my attention is the continuous claim that the guns in the hands of the drug cartel in Mexico are coming from the US. Although Holder (the US attorney general) claims they aren't going to ban guns, I believe that when they decide to act you won't see it coming it will just happen after they've taken care of their more important agenda items, and after enough bad press about firearms and enough stories air claiming that American guns are involved in the Mexico thing that the general public will become complacent with the idea of giving up their rights or bearing their infringement and just let it happen. So keep a watchful eye and be ready to call your Congressman if and when it does happen. That is the step we have to take to maintain our rights and our freedom. We must be watchful and vigilant, our biggest enemy is our own complacency. They don't one take our rights we simply surrender them through our complacency!

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Actually Fox has the niche market for the conservative movement or the constitutional moderate or whatever you want to call it. That set of values that seems to be emerging by the group participating in this project. So Fox is simply catering for our market and they are reporting the side of the news that you and I want to hear. Its all just business. As for filing/suing in court over constitutional violations, I think that the victims of all the wrong would be suing, most of the company CEOs and so forth are not nobodies but high muck e mucks that can afford the attorney if they want to fight. Also I think that if there was credibility to some of the stories regarding banks that want to pay back the money you would see them go public and you'd see a fight between the supposed"wronged" corporate princes and the tyrannical government that is trying to usurp its power.
I consider myself a conservative in my view, but I want to be educated on the issues and I learned a long time ago to never take anything said by any reporter or any news as the "unadulterated" truth. I recommend all my fellow citizens to begin reading and understanding how our government works and trying to read what is beneath the news headlines. For instance this bank in the story is a member of its regional "Fed", it is part owner, it is not a helpless pawn of our government. Also it was never forced to take any money, not all banks took money, only banks that wanted to or needed to, in order to survive or go under. I would recommend that everyone reading do some research on the "FED" and also read about the Counsel on Foreign Affairs and the Trilateral Commission. All of their agenda is on their websites in published documents, reports etc. After you read that then you'll have more information to connect the dots on some of this. I think we have a very left leaning liberal agenda that is being pushed, but I don't believe that it is some tyrannical takeover. I think the Democratic party sees their opportunity and they are going for it. If we want to know where they are going, then we should study some of the beliefs that underlie their agenda. When I look at some of the things they believe in such as helping the unemployed, the impoverished the uninsured etc., I'd have to say that as a Christian I feel the same compassion towards those people, but as a conservative, I would have to say that my methods of solving the same problems would be different, i.e. I believe that instead of giving a hungry man a fish, and feeding him today, I should teach a man how to fish and feed him for life. Anyway, I encourage everyone to assemble, discuss what should be changed and then put it in action with your vote and with your voice. I also encourage everyone to research what lies behind the story and dig deeper for the "truth" whatever that really is.

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I have a suggestion. State and Local Judges are elected. So why are the Supreme Court Justices appointed positions? I say give the Supreme Court Justices terms like everyone else and make them elected officials.

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I agree with you! I fail to see what the purpose of the UN is? Our current conflicts are all being fought and resolved by us with little or no help from the UN. All they are is another leach for us to give our money away to. I'm for a return to our own sovereignty and looking out for OUR interests and not everyone elses. Some of our biggest critics in the UN (France and Germany) seem to forget that we freed them from a Fascist Dictator a while ago and then spent a good portion of our time rebuilding them. I'm for a return of the Roosevelt school of Foreign Policy, Teddy Roosevelt that is....Speak softly and carry a big stick! People need to realize that this is not one big happy world and we are all family. Those other people across the ocean would be happy to kill us or take what they can from us. Its a jungle out there and I'm sorry to say that Darwanism is alive and thriving, once you get outside our borders it is survival of the fittest and everyone else IS out for themselves. We need to get rid of the UN. We are not part of the Democracy of the world nor should our sovereignty be laid down so that by popular vote others can rule our Country and our citizenry.

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I have an idea about solving Social Security and our immigration in one swoop. Offer better friendly work Visas and issue Social Security Numbers. The extra tax will just be their extra tax for working in our country. If they obtain citizenship, then they will have earned the right to the program like everyone else. Also this will offer the solution to the Baby Boomer problem by quickly increasing the tax base to allow compensate. Also, I believe this would help with the immigration problem in that if it is easy to come to the US legally, i.e., background check, obtain a job in a month etc. and you have a renewable 6 month work visa, then we would not have such a hard time with the illegal crossing problem we have now.

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I agree accept I would add an exception for times of declared war by Congress, or National Emergency and such.

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I agree with irongirl...we need a tax to pay for national defense but, we need it to be a flat tax rate, fair to everyone, or a sales tax, where you pay on consumption not based on what you save and earn.

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I got one for you. Each State should set the pay for their congressman. I.E. it would be voted on by bill before the state house and senates. That would fix that. Then we would have the power to control our elected officials in DC.

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I find it sad that we seem to worry so much about how TARP funds are spent a mere $780 billion, when the FED is running around left and right spending $3 trillion on programs that are unregulated and are not even voted on by taxpayer representatives. Does anyone else realize what the FED is? Hello! They distribute money from the Treasury. So they are like the door to shovel money into the economy. So why do we bother doing a TARP bill, when the FED can simply enact its own mirror image programs to bail out banks without any strings attached. No one questions them on how or what they spent the money on. Also another thing everyone needs to remember. Geithner was the former President of the NY FED. What does that mean? Well, to be the president of the NY FED you are elected by its members. Who are its members? Uh hello the individual private banks that make up the FED, like Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and so forth. So if he was the President of the NY FED he was probably the CEO of one of these banks at one time. So what we have here is the Fox in charge of the Hen house so to speak! Do you think there is going to be any transparency? So Geithner just prints the money at the Treasury and has his buddy Bernanke hand it out to his other buddies in the private FED regional banks. I'm sorry but the whole thing would be very laughable, if it weren't true. It is just ridiculous and no one seems to care or question it!

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How about doing away with individual income tax and implement a national sales tax? Then we all pay as we go, even illegal money will be taxed when it is used/exchanged etc. People will be taxed based on consumption rather than based on income. If as an individual if you live modestly then your rewarded for it etc, however if you spend every penny you get it is all taxed. Corporations can still be taxed etc., as done now but individuals will no longer have to file and pay personal income taxes. The IRS can concentrate on corporations and collecting sales tax revenue from the states etc.