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Amazing how a jigsaw puzzle can be dumped onto the table [exmpl] and 15 different people try to force it's pieces into one final picture! [theirs] The Author only has the true picture and as Jesus shared parables to reveal truth to his own, the bible in searching will reveal the true picture; with no forced and bent edges, wink. ] Thank you Bro Kinsella for your very special way of making the articles easy to read and understand, altho I see some have minds that have indelable ink written in them and what you say is impenatrable. Only God can change that! Pray that the president can be persuaded to change his contempt toward Israel while there is time. Bless all those reasing these articles. Thanks again!

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Sorry that 20 years under the teaching of Jeramiah Wright never taught OOO the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge Prov. 1:7 but Then seek wisdom and knowledge! Yes he certainly can use both in the quick but wrong decisions he made in the first 90 days. He is compatable to Irans' Ahmadinejad in mind set being so influenced under Islam! [hate and spite] Otherwise he would not have waited so long to mention a defenseless young lady Murdered in a friendly protest wishing her vote to be counted--when the corrupt govt. had already issued fact that the ballot countings was not correct! Religion over ruling politics in this instance! Pray that Obama will awaken to God before the wrath of His countenance comes down on us all even trying to take away land invested to Gods own people! Condemning a nation into poverty out of spite and hatred from false beliefs from early childhood, hating British for fathers persecution while under their rule! Obama needs salvation and repentence--pray for him and his family. Gos Bless America.

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cont. --Today I feel that Jews and Christians are together on a crossroads that are forming a one new man readying them for the Kingdom to soon come, because these crossroads are coming together The Torah of the Jews is profitable for us to acknowledge holidays and the holy days which will last forever and the NT. is point ing us toward Jesus by the Holy Spirit indwelling in Us! the Temple of today Man can build temples and one is necessary for the Antichrist to desacrate! Jesus told that He will build His emple and this is the one I am looking forward to. Jews need the blood of Christ if they will but accept him, so don't give up witnessing to the world as time is ever growing shorter each day! Wars abound but only One Jesus, Yeshuah Hammashiah will be found. Hallaluyah' Shalom

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Thanks Chuck for a great article' In regard to the temple mount, I have stood looking toward the Eastern gate from the Mount and feel that a straight line from the gate would place you in the spot of a small statuesque cuppola that would be the holy of holies in that approximitey, and the marble floor slabs there are thiner than the rest of the area from weight possibly. Applying history and scripture along with conjecture' which we are reading alot of today. The threshing floor is supposed to have been the stone on which Abrahim was to sacrifice his son. Consider the date this happened. [as muslims contest] David purchased this spot [threshing floor] where the large stone was used by the priests where later when the Temple was standing, the large "Rock" had channels for the blood to flow away from the priests sacrifices which I took note of as I imagined happening in earlier centuries.. I have studdied Muhammad's history and he was Never in Jerushalim so never left a foot print on the Rock as he leaped into heaven! [destination questionable]

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Janets articles are so sincere and inlightening and educational and am blessed by her being led of God to share these things with us in a way we can undersatand. I will be praying for her and all the speakers at the conference and hope there are a great turn out! I gather notes for references and hope she doesn't mind.

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Not judging , but I see a comparression and destinguishable likeness between Obama and Ahmadinejad in the arrogance, deception, to the point of lying and determination to get their own way condemning anyone who goes against their wishes to the point of destroying them and their families. God help us from the ideals of either of these men!

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Christians today posess the Holy Spirit and are the temple of God and we should live accordingly. Yes the Eastern Gate of Jerusalems wall will come down again when Jesus returnsbut in Ezekjiel the mount didn't cleave in half as Jesus' feet touched the place he last arose! I remember in the 70's the search for the ashes of the red heifer and how iy would be found? Man shall soon build his temple but God will alow it to be destroyed as God says He will build His temple probably just north of Jerusalem as scripture says. Might we be living toward enjoying those days and not creating stumbling blocks that can only be used for satan temple to inhabit in hell.

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I hope God truly has a sense of humor to see that some talk of houses when they themselves are only living in a tent blown about by their on hearsay and after telling themselves several times they are true believers--in themselves! A good article provoking thought and some [comment] Keep up the good work!

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South America has the same raw materials and agricultural abilities but since they have not the blessing of God that the early forfathers in America had founding the laws of government listed in our constitution we would probably be the same as South America. Other religion other than christianity has held South America back. Catholism didn't help where it was established. Maranatha Mike has the right prospective, not listing scripture to back him up but history is fully evident with any eyes open willing to see. Argument more worthy of discussion should behigher on the agenda as souls are mounting up for eternal damnation without a reedemer. And yes! there is only one, and I care not to debate That issue, but point people in that direction! His direction, Jesus Christ.

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A banker when hireing a new clerk first off, teaches what a true minted bill looks like with all its finite simalarities--then and only then can they spot a conterfit! The same should apply to Gods word. Seek first the truth--the kingdom of God ect. Being decieved will be so embarassing at the feet of Christ you can but imagine? People today for most are playing 'church' going when it's convenient to a dinner or an activity they can sit through. When they sit through a sermon if they are fortunate to get one, they are half asleep and if asked at the door where it was found in the 'Word,' could they share it? Deception is the devils plan to establish his One world church that we can see just over the hill' Stand true to the Word who was made flesh and redeemed us sinners, one and all, amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus.