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It was not long ago a lot of Russian boys lost their lives there.

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I produced over 380 films in Chatsworth California, of the short love story variety. A lot of big distributors use fuzzy math when paying their bills.
In Hollywood I can tell the readers that the accountants used by the major studios are as creative as they get. The ammount of revenue is amazing and the fuzzy math used has been around forever. Just like government, the transparency is avoided to not shed light on the corruption with pockets being filled as fast as can be done. Relax and enjoy the movies, it is the American way.

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The economy is way worse than anyone realises. The politicians are led into social issues as birth control by the propaganda media,at a time when the nation is ballooning it's debt beyond 20 trilllion with endless wars and social
programs. The houses of congress are acting powerless against the liberty grab by the President and freedoms are being erroded in the name of national security. The three Republicans children touted by the media as being frontrunners are children eating the bait of the propaganda media, social issues like birth control!!! Absurd.

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She is RIGHT. The same people that own Wall Street own Oil companies.That is why we are in the middle east to Steal the Oil.

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A show put on yearly to promote lazyness and the watching of manufactured fictional video products.

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The Hollywood crowd should not be listened to in the political discussion. They are not living in the real world. They brown-nose the big producers ass---les till they till they have their head in deep beyond rationality. The masses of people in the world do not benefit from the endless wars Hollywood portrays as glorious. I believe it is sick to glorify wars which are started by lies of the media and Hollywood to make the poor classes fight , die and suffer. I think it would do the world a great service if all the Hollwood crud and the fat cat politicians (the ones in the tuxes at the endless awards shows) were all given uniforms and shipped to Afganistan to fight in the hot desert. Then we would see how glorious they think wars are.Every dollar made on the wars is blood money in Hollywood or Washington. Their industry is sick and vile.

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Santorum has taken a road duing the campaign of being a hypocritical high roller. The audience booed him down. Ron Paul called him a "FAKE'' to his face, then proceeded to eloquently mop up Santorum by his past voting record. Dumb
as to how to reply Sontorum mumbled some very pathetic excuses like a punch drunk boxer at the end of a Ron Paul left hook.

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Obama will whip either Santorum (Because he is wrong on womans choice) or Romney
(Because he is a Goldman Sachs poster boy) , just like Obama. You see Goldman and the big wall street crowd flood money to 1 Democrat and 1 Republican who they
already have deep in their pocket. With the vast problems of the day , Ron Paul is a wiseman who does not lie like the others.

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Just like Europe the size thing is to hide the Governments enormas increase of the money supply which is causing inflation. These bright boys in Washington can not fool the people without putting a spin on it. Check out the gasoline prices and grocery prices!!!! Thank Mr. Geitner before he retires and drifts away from the Treasury to some gold plated castle someplace as Paulson the previous crook did. The working people with paychecks and the ones on the public aid are being squeezed like no other time in the history. Wake up people!!!