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Thanks for your comments.  I would like to hook up with some young people to led a discussion or influence them in some way to become better investigators of what they're told.  I don't even think they're getting enough history now that they can recognize for themselves that Socialism has never worked in any country in which it has been tried.  Good luck on your home schooling. Sandi

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Thanks for your comments. I wish I could say that I didn't know where the ideas your son's friend has but unfortunately I do.  I was watching Glenn Beck the other day when he had all the doctors on.  The young medical students all wanted the gov't run health care and the older doctors who were in practice had had enough of gov't interference.  I don't know what generation you belong to but if you're in one of the older generations I'd say we really have our work cut out for us. I'm finding a lot of meaning in working to save this country. Sandi

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I've noticed a thread running through the culture that scares me a lot. The younger generation who has been through the recent liberally led school system (without adequate history, economics or civics) seems inclined to be accepting of the Socialization of America. Our young people are the future of this country and unless we older folks get in there and begin educating them about what a free, Constitutional democracy looks like I'm afraid the country will be lost.

We can do this by writing hard copy letters to influential people like school boards, etc., talking to our grandchildren and their friends and by generally being involved in all the opportunities that present themselves. Writing hard copy letters has become part of my daily routine just like doing the dishes and I discuss politics with my grandchildren. Oldsters-get in there and fight back because the country really needs you! You remember and you had a good education!!

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I think it's the legacy from all that community organizing!

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We're elderly people on Social Security and we're furious over Obama's attempted bribe of the elderly with a $250 check from the gov't because we didn't get a cost of living raise this year. We're not stupid. We understand that there's no raise because there was no inflation and we're still against his health care reform. Where are the Congressmen who are opposed to this?? It's another 13 billion in debt.

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The H1N1 killed virus vaccines are not made in America. They are made in Europe, Australia and one version in China. Considering what the products that come out of China have in them or on them (remember the milk thing and the lead paint things) I would seriously consider whether or not to take a Chinese made product. Our FDA isn't paying that much attention.

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They're goin' have to refit the White House door so he can get his head through!

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Ha ha!

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What the h*ll is it with the Ethics Committee? Why isn't Charlie Rangle being prosecuted criminally? Maybe it's because he's bigger than life.

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If your chairs aren't bolted down to the floor-hold on to them! In spite of the fact that the annointed one has almost caused a civil war in America he just won the Nobel Peace Prize. Gee! Do you all think it's political or something?