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Next thing you know they'll be calling him D.O.O.

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Anyone else think that pairing up EY with Abyss is sort of like what WWE did with Daniel Bryan and Kane?

Not comparing EY with Bryan, it's just that the whole pair-up feels really similar. If they bring back Dr. Stevie, I will have no more words.

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That has to be the most misleading title ever.

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Mental midgets?

Sandow... is that you?

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Dude, the point is to make the fans loathe Triple H, Orton, and The Shield, and to make them get behind Bryan more and more. That way, when the time comes for him to finally defeat this evil corporate machine, that moment will be all the more memorable and iconic.

And judging by the way you're reacting, it looks like the heels are doing a damn good job.

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I thought they'd put the Kane joining the Wyatts storyline into motion during Bryan's match with Cena at Summerslam. I mean, wouldn't that'd be a huge way to turn Kane into a monster heel? Y'know, by costing one of the most over guys right now this huge championship match? But I guess they could still do that by not exactly turning Kane JUST YET. They could just have this regular match between former tag team partners and end it on a good note. All I'm saying is that they should don't rush it. This could be big for Kane so I think it should be done on a PPV to further drive home the point.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the idea of bringing the MEM back as a face stable to go against the A&8, it's sure to be a pretty solid feud. My issue is that 2 of their members are in the BFG series. So Joe says he's on this quest to take the title from Bully Ray but then he's also the one who suggested that they recruit the top seed in the BFG series? I just have this nagging feeling that there'll be a heel turn somewhere down the line.

Meh. I love that they're pushing Magnus, though. :)

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Unless the Wyatt Family, in a swerve, debuts as faces. Then the "sheep" could be referring to the face superstars The Shield have attacked and, by extension, the WWE Universe, which vastly outnumbers The Shield. Not saying that they (Wyatt Family) will get every superstar The Shield attacked to join them, just that they will refer to those guys as "the sheep" from the promo.

Or we could simply be overthinking. Bray Wyatt's character IS pretty unhinged and all.