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I am confused. Do republicans want me to be more afraid of drones, ISIS, ebola, or Mitt's third run for the presidency?

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I had two Italian grandmothers. When I was a kid one would let me stand on a chair by the stove and watch her cook. The other grandmother showed me how to make bread. They have long since passed but every now and then while I'm cooking I think of them. Thanks.

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Try using google chrome for your browser. Its the only way I can view wonkette without having the same problems.

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You can't get any worse than white trash with money.

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The bumper sticker on her dad's car said "Obama/Biden/08".

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King remarked that the blahs are easily identified by their calves which are the size of watermelons.

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If you look real close you can see that there are four picks in the ad.

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"Victoria Jackson, Stacy Campfield Fare Worse In Tennessee Elections Than Confederate Army At Vicksburg"
Sorry Gary, but this electoral loss was more like Sherman's march thru Atlanta.

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I do believe that map of the U.S. of A. was pulled from one of them home schoolin books that Dok has been learning us about.

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I've been commenting on this site off and on for 7 years and I have not been banned yet.
WHAT'S WRONG WITH you people!!!