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Amen - being a lover of classic muscle cars and the older beautiful cars Detroit used to make. Give me power and speed.....

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Fiat - Fix It Again Tony!!!!!!
Guess my 94 Chevy Silverado will be a great collector car in the future.....

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Just a reminder that WE are paying Michelle's husband's salary........... I agree that when you EARN money you can spend it any way you wish but for crying out loud her husband is supposed to be "serving the public" in an elected office. Plus this man campaigned on the platform of spreading the wealth. Why not spread the wealth of MO's $540 shoes to the food bank she was working at????? Oh yeah, they are going to distribute our wealth not theirs.

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Bread and circuses Bread and Circuses.......

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Its latter not ladder. I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling........

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My gut tells me this is too good of a crisis to let go to waste. I laid in some extra food yesterday just in case our CIC (chicken little in chief) declares a quarantine in a major metro area (I live in a big city with lots of travel). He and Dead Fish Rahm can use this as the first steps in controlling his sheeple. If not this crisis maybe the next one....

The Romans used bread and circuses to keep the masses fed and entertained while they laid waste to Rome. BO is using fear and chaos to lead the lemmings off the cliff after him.

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Didn't Hitler try this stuff in the thirties? Master race, be fit for the Fuehrer, do what is best for you because it is best for the country. I cannot believe this psychobabble. We are so screwed because most of the sheep bought this. Does this remind anyone of Demolition Man? "Oh I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner....."

Manipulation is manipulation. Gentle nudges to change your behavior to what the governing entity wants you to do is STILL an assault on your liberty. Also the article stated that Obama would provide more information in a shorter form to be easier to understand, for example reducing mortgage information from 30 pages to one page. First can you say - dumbing down? And secondly, with his track record on "transparency" so far I doubt all options will be made clear and available allowing a true free choice. No matter how you slice it this is coercion and the removal of our individual rights.

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I have been thinking about that exact same question. Despite the politeness on this site and trying to do everything else within our powers to effect change or rather a reversal of this horrible direction this country is going, I see only one final option on the horizon..........

That gut feeling we all have is telling me that ultimately, we will need to break the chains that the government is ensnaring us with. Why else would the DHS put out that despicable report accusing veterans and those that believe in the Constitution and our rights as domestic terrorists? Those in power know that they have overstepped their bounds and a certain segment of the population is on the verge of revolt. I think the current administration is banking on the idea that they have widespread support and that we are only a few million kooks in a general population of over 300 million. In other words they believe there are too few of us to be taken seriously and most of the population will fall in line with whatever slop they are fed.

As a disclaimer to this statement, I am not advocating the unspeakable action, I just feel that there will come a tipping point that will set this off. Everyday is crisis day in the Obama neighborhood - imminent financial ruin, new rights to take away or abridge under the guise of solving a national problem, a health scare, a low pass flyby of Airforce One over NYC, people to scare, citizens to panic. One day the crisis will be real and up close and personal - something that will show the true lack of leadership of this administration. The final line in the sand will be crossed and we will be left no choice....

So in the spirit of being prepared, I have thought about this "scenario" and in my heart have decided what I will do when and if that day comes. That is all that I am willing to say publicly. I'll let each person decide that question for themselves.

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I think a few things should be added to the misery index - the percentage of foreclosures and the percentage of underemployed workers. That might make it more reflective of what is going on. Plus add in the decline in overall income as a percentage. The Current misery is more than unemployment and inflation...........

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Part of this money will increase NSF grants and scholarships - great more scientists working in the best interest of the government promoting whatever scientific agenda is in vogue at a given time. This is a colossal waste of money when we can least afford it. With the Treasury looking to borrow about $480 billion for the April to June quarter - when will these idiots get a clue that we are broke? Enough spending and expansion of government already.