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Maybe you should read the writings of the founding fathers like John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Jay, James Madison and George Washington. They where not atheists you idiot. In fact they warned the new nation about scum like yourself. Now go wash your goat and clean up your porn stash before mommy comes home. Your really have nothing wrong with you that a 40MM machine gun armed by a US Marine couldn't cure.

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Keith, what attracted you to become a Nazi?

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I don't think so. The average Democrat perhaps. But to the 50% that pay taxes are getting fed up. The people more motivated turn out historically to vote. And right now this marxist has motivated productive people to turn out BIG this November.

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I know this is somewhat off subject but Monica would have been better then Obama. He keeps chocking and gaging on every decision he makes.

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He would only be considered a centrist in Germany during the late 1930's early 1940's.

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In the beginning.
The Taliban gave quarter to Al Qaeda and defended OBL after 9-11.
The foriegn fighters from Pakistan, Chechneya and the middle east are the enemy. Few ot the Afghans are.
If OBL had been in Yemen, Somolian or the Sudan after 9-11 we'd be there too.
We do not want to rule the world. Al Qaeda appears they do.
Yes America is hemoraging in debt. If you look at the budget unfunded mandates are the problem, not the military. At least the military is productive, as I am. I work for a living and do not expect to see a dime from the money I contribute to those who do not work.

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Shortly have 9/11 SF's flown in teams of 12 by the 160th worked with the northern alliance and toppled the taliban and foriegn Al Qaeda forces by riding horse and painting targets with lasers for F-18, B-52's and AC 130's. within three months the Taliban and Al Qaeda forces where defeated. England and Russia learned the hard way how not to fight in Afganistan. America appears to be losing momentum. But the SF method works, so long as you appear to be providing security and not as a conquering occupying army. Believe me, the locals by probably 90% plus have no desire to live under shari law, especially the women. They don't particulary trust the current Gov. either of Afganistan that is corrupt. But compared to the Taliban? There really is no comparison.

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"Al Qaeda has what to do with Afghanistan in the year 2010?" ................................................................Wow, you really are an ignorant idiot. Do you know anybody serving in Afghanistan? Well let me rephrase that, do you know anybody serving for NATO forces in Afrhanistan and not Al Qaeda or conscripted Taliban?

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Well unfortunately he has had success. From his perspective he's had success in destroying the economy, making rules of engagement that make it impossible to win, violating the constitution at every turn. And all the while doing this being able to rock and roll and call mulligans with all his horrible golf shots. Yes success measured by Barry is having a good time and screwing over America and Americas allies. Al Qaeda couldn't have asked for a better ally.

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Obama is about as popular in the military as broken glass and oil spills at a beach party.