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No that's about right, I don't know why they make such a huge deal for the 2K roster reveals as it's basically the previous roster, with that year's DLC characters added, the most recent HoF class, and then whichever rising stars that came about within the development cycle rounding it out. I'm more interested in the changes to gameplay or play modes.

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Jesus, everyone knows that should be either the Oddities or Disciples of the Apocalypse.

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How can Flip Gordon's surprise win be expected? Doesn't that negate the surprise?

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If this is the case I have no idea what the WWE is thinking, especially with the year Strowman has had, which given what he's accomplished with the GRR and MITB along with the matches he's had, should put him in the top ten for the PWI 500. It's odd that the WWE has had this focus over the last fifteen years on having one guy hold up the promotion. Yes it worked well during Hulkamania, but there was always a number of foils for Hogan to work with and the cards themselves were stacked with incredible performers. But you look at the Attitude Era, which I'm not saying is pinnacle of storytelling or quality, but there wasn't just Austin holding up the promotion, there was the Rock, DX, Undertaker, Mankind, Kane, and many otherswho could be moved around at will to get the best result. That's not even to mention the incredible midcard and even at times undercard that was also present.

Yet we've seen now with Cena, Lesnar, Triple H, and now Reigns, where there appears to be a legitimate challenge coming for them, but they are then turned to rubbish solely to add foundation to "the guy." Reigns in particular is actually a better fit as a heel with how he's regarded by the fans and how he himself interacts with them, showing in the past some pretty thin skin. Add to the fact that in another time, his feuds with Rusev and now Strowman would have him be the clear heel in the scenario, it is making me wonder if it's not just Vince that wants him to be seen as a face no matter what he does, but Reigns himself as well, just so he can be the big hero. Because at this point I have to assume Reigns has a bit of say in how his character is handled on WWE programming.

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So does the WWE.

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Yeah he goes from being the guy who couldn't get over the hump and beat Lesnar for the title to the guy who only won the belt because Lesnar was focused on someone else and then keeps the title as his old faction is protecting him. All of this is heel characteristics, but they want him to come off as a face, it's mind boggling that they've been trying this for so long.

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I'm surprised that they were able to get Lawler and Doug Gilbert on the same card.

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At best yes it could have been a few months, but repeat offenses can lead to it being upgraded to a serious felony and years of prison time, there's a guy in the prison I work at that has spent the last six years in prison for multiple DUIs. The article doesn't say, but I'm assuming he was in jail awaiting trial and wasn't liking his potential outlook given his substance abuse history, and adding on the evading arrest. It's an awful and unfortunate end, but I wouldn't say an overreaction as unfortunately I've seen people end it all for less.

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I'm wondering if the WWE will end up creating a Diva's Tag Title since the women's division is the biggest it's been in years and they have quite a few different factions/duos in the division. Also will this be the longest PPV in WWE history because the announcers will be spending every minute reminding fans how historic this is?

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You need the champ to actually show up on a show for him to be cashed in on.