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The only awareness you need to know is if you use the stuff you've got a great chance to end up broke and worthless if you're lucky and dead if you're unlucky. Or maybe vice versa....

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He must of figured out that if he got out now someone else would be blamed when the city owned utility fails.

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Boulder, home of weird attorneys.

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A pay cut for city council members makes far more sense than a pay raise or even holding their salaries steady.

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Good points but we only 13 families. There may of been others. I don't think this fellow realizes how stealing a families total net worth wrecks their lives. He probably lives in a house that's went up in value in the last month than these folks net worth was before this person stole it.

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Actually, I would of found a way to insult any attorney who did this regardless of sex even if they were of perfect height/weigth proportion. (Same goes for a Doctor, CPA, etc. who disregard the ethics of their profession) Inciddently, what do you think she called some of her clients when they weren't around?

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She is the lowest of the low. She had the privilege of going to law school and living in Boulder. She then stole money from the most vulnerable in society despite her duty to protect these people. She figured they were too scared to ever turn her in. She deserves to made fun of. She will suffer much worse ridicule in prison. I hope she gets sent to a prison with a country club because otherwise she's going to be in trouble.

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The city needs to realize the affordable housing program is a joke. It is abused and paid for by the middle class.

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Hopefully, President Obama will weigh in on this and give us his opinion where he stands on if this is a hate crime and generally what he thinks about it.

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He defeated the Russians without firing a shot which was worth raising the deficit. GW Bush and President Obama have been spending billions more and getting nothing in return. except a larger deficit. We are now spending billions on wars and not winning them or even knowing what winning is.