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I thought for sure she would be some character from DR Seuss!!
She wouldn't have to spend one dime on any make up!! Hey isn't she about slashing and cutting costs...Steal from Paul to pay Peter????

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China my friend graham42 are making their own JETSSSSS....know how I know??? The Boeing Company gave them all the resources to do so. Blueprints, machinery, engineers from USA shipped to China to teach them how to build aircraft.
So there you have it!!!
The Boeing Co has been creating monsters to attack them in the future.
China now has the POWER to make or break Boeing down!!
They are soooooooooooooo smart and all for the greed and the mighty dollar!! They see nothing else!

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Who cares? Does any one really care??? What does the 787 have to offer that other jets don't?
I'll tell you what; there is NO history behind the service as of yet.
What can customers base this 787 on?
It took almost 6 years to build it, and it was built by people who really didn't have a clue on how to build aircraft's.
From what I've ready in the papers and in the news the Boeing Company had to fix 99% of the vendors mistakes on just about 99% of the parts Boeing offloaded to them.
This Jet was not made in the USA. Plain and simple and the Chinese cancelled out and went with what they knew and that was the 737's.....GOOD CHOICE!!!! 45 of em!!

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I was warned, where the heck were you Ken Schram???
It takes a certain person with a certain job to stop by on any certain day to run temperatures on things being cooked.
That's when a business will know if their food is worthy enough to sell to the public safely.
They are most likely call Public Health Food Inspectors.

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I live right around the corner!!
What a scarey thought!

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How wrong can this company get???
They seem to kick you when your up and they'll kick you when you're down!
It doesn't matter!
These men and women have years with this company and have been dedicated to their jobs through the union and their agreements to the company and the contract. So where does the Company get off pulling such a cowardly action as to bring in others off the street instead of making a deal with their long lived and long term employees?????

The comp is just as much into the Union contracts as the workers are with the Union.
These people should continue to FIGHT for their rights until the Company GET"S IT RIGHT!!!

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I'm sorry but she's gross, from one woman to another!! If you're going to take it off at least have yourself a slammin body!! Who wants to see anerexia nervosa riddled with tatoos???
Some old pervert that has it in for a hard cup of coffee???

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Ya wanna know what I think?
I think that those who are funded for this kind of crap by the billions of dollars as our economy and most children in countries such as Somalia die by the thousands every 12 months from starvation getting no help are deranged and have their priorities so backed up and backwards that it is uncomprehensible.
How do they sleep at night??
This earth and every one in it, and all the animals are given this planet to cherish and live life in abundance but we choose crap we can't even understand.
Outerspace...repeat that word over and over, outer space...what are we doing to one another and why are we spending billions for nothing?

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This girl has been guilty from the beginning and you all know it!!
Her mother and dad are crying over it but the fact is is that her DNA was in the house and on the weopon!!
What part of that do we not understand?
She was this womans roomate and her DNA on the knife!

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Here is a side you need to chew on folks!!
If her DNA was on the knife no matter how minumal or small means her DNA was on the KNIFE.
Now stop trying to get away with MURDER and give this young woman who is DEAD and NO VOICE JUSTICE!!!