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Saw them at the Leadership Summit. Would be great to read the books. Thanks!

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Ironically considering this post, God has taught me about His heart for the poor and injustice in a way that I knew intellectually before, but experienced firsthand on a trip to Rwanda in February. I think that's definitely one thing that will be going with me into 2010 and beyond.

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"What do I need to run Glo?

* Microsoft Windows® XP, Vista®, or Windows 7 OS with lastest service pack installed. (required)"

Not for Macs yet = :(

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"Effectively raise the billable hours for the service department, but will perform no other useful function"

I knew it! hahaha

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You make it a point to lead worship as often as possible back at UBC on Sundays, and you're out touring and playing a lot of the time...when do you find time to engage in a service without "working"? Do you think that we should find time to worship without volunteering/working during that service? I ask because I'm almost always doing something during my services, and it doesn't really feel the same.

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Have you ever noticed the humor in the fact that you intro the show each episode by running down what's in it (upfront, media obsessions, WorshipHouse) when each episode it's the same? Not hating, love the podcast, but I just always chuckle at that part... ;)

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Blogs can always be better by giving away more stuff ;)

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Probably make my work-space a bit more awesome.

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This cartoon is hilarious...whenever I see a little remote controlled car zipping around the church offices, I can be sure the our Motion Graphics guy is Rendering ;)

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Getting closer and closer to the Matrix...soon we'll be overrun. Has science-fiction taught us nothing?