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It is good to be finally back on here and able to "vent" with all of you! I have not been on since they shut down the Vent on the912project. Thank you all for doing your part and keeping the word living in the open air of America! Now, I have to get back to my 45 degree global warming May weather!!

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If you think I am nuts for making these comparisons, stop and think about it. Each socialist and communist country in the history of the world started with the best of intentions.

So when you think about the freedom you so love, but don't fully appreciate, think about this. When the government is giving you things for free, you are losing freedom. It goes back to the long standing phrase.

"Freedom isn't free." I hope this brings new meaning to it.

Pass this along to anyone who may agree, and more importantly, forward it to those who don't agree. We all need to wake up and realize we are being stripped of our rights. This is not something that will happen overnight. But over generations.

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Stop and think. Take it to the extreme and imagine. Would you rather work hard, make money and earn what you have, with the ability to buy a bigger, better home for your kids. A nicer car. Or simpler, Velveeta shells and cheese instead of store brand dry cheese stuff.

Your other option is having the government supply everything you need. Your car, home, insurance.....everything. But of course this means that you make the same amount of money as the guy down the street. Even though he hasn't worked in months. He has the same house, car, insurance. And you both have dry store brand mac n cheese. Your car isn't a Lexus, but rather a Yugo. Your home isn't anything special, because you can't afford anything special, the government can't anyway. And that broken arm? Please fill out these 29 pages of paperwork so we can decide if you qualify for medical care.

But, the people elected to office that are working day and night to bring you this, they will not live by the same rules. Why would they? They don't now, and they won't change.

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The sooner that people realize that there is less than 5% of elected officials that care about the real America, the sooner America will be headed in the right direction. It does not matter if there is a "D" or "R" behind the name of the person. The main objective for them is re-election.

They want you to believe you can't survive without them. That is exactly what Social Security is. Medicare. Nationalized healthcare. $8000 new homebuyer credits. Cash for clunkers. Welfare. They want you to think you need them to get any of these things.

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I am so Independent. Note the Big "I". Enough of this Democrat vs Republican crap. I am not falling for their B.S. ever again. Do you really believe that working to negotiate the right answer for the worlds problems ever happens? You can't negotiate the right answer. You negotiate to find a compromise. You happen upon the right answer. Unless you are working for the Federal Govt., then the right answer for the people seems too often out of your grasp.

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"Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness." - George Washington

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You make some good points in what you say, although, you say it (even in text) in a bitter way.

Your last point "My point is this: Sit where I sit for a while and I guarantee that your perspective on "fair taxes" will change DRAMATICALLY."

You are an American. We have to all be in this together. We all have to fight for what is right. Get over the class warfare. If you don't like your place in life, change it. If you don't make enough money, make a change. If you make too much money, make a change. EVERYTHING in your life is in your hands. If your response is "easier said than done", then you have already given up, defeated.

People need to stop blaming others for what they have acheived. We all need to work to be better people, in that we will all prosper and acheive things much greater than material and monetary wealth.

God bless.

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I love my country. America is the dream of most people who live on this entire planet. But here we are, allowing the country we all love, left and right, to be destroyed by the people who govern it. This is not an Obama issue. This is not a Bush issue. This is not a House or Senate issue. This country is being destroyed by all sides of the government. Stop placing blame on political parties and start pointing out the specific politicians who allow this to happen. I am sick of hearing about Obama this and Bush that. WASHINGTON DC is the problem. The beginning of the solution is the 2010 election cycle. Clean house. If any representitive has a smudge of dirt in their past, they are gone. No more forgive and forget. The people in power will never vote for term limits, so let us institute our own set of term limits!

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Think of all the times in your life that you said something would happen "when pigs fly" realize.....swine flu.

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I think that 2% is a little much for government is a voluntary position.