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I said the same thing myself. I feel for her family, but she made her own choices.

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Very well said.

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The only way this would shock anyone is if you believed that celebrities were sincere about anything. I'm sure some people were genuinely upset, but apparently not many. I don't think most of them have a clue about anything "real". They live in a make believe world, after all.

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I was wondering the same thing.

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I think she's just generally a bad actress. Changing her hair color and putting her in a tight pair of pants won't change that. Add to it that she's unlikeable, and you've got a bomb.

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She doesn't help things with comments like this. It's the same as saying that blacks should vote for obama so they can annoy the whites... just adds to the divisive atmosphere..
I want Obama out of the there too, but we don't need another unqualified president, who got elected because the other side was annoyed.

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It's interesting how they share the most intimate details when they're happy, but when they break up ..."The couple asks for privacy and say that the breakup is "amicable."

She talked about his "package" on Oprah.. but breaking up is too personal a topic.

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I think the message was very clear: "Me, Me, Me.. it's all about me." They want free everything, and don't want to contribute to anything . Sounds pretty clear to me.

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"Terry Lawson, the sister of one of the missing teens, reacted to the verdict by saying "guilty is not innocent."


If these boys were innocent and not street thugs, I feel for them. If they were hoodlums, then so be it.

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That's what they'll say the next time a large group comes into the store and the owner calls the police, or refuses to serve them, or acts afraid,etc.