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I would hate to try to make the case of Obama having experience. He had none. Other than wasted education he still has none.

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Congrats Colonel. Oh wait I'm white!

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Going back Nancy Going back to our future. Not your idea of it.

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I have long thought that the youngster in the clip should get some form of award. Not sure I could accept that hands on approach from anyone. Generally speaking we talk about young punks. Not in this case.

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The gov is and has been a sewer for decades. We will just see today exactly how serious we are about removing the rats. It can be done but will it?

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Funny! however I can envision the scenario by 1 pm tuesday.

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Time tested and proven A hole, if you cant win a nuclear war and you cant. You dont start a nuclear war. Unless of course you are a Muslim and wish to get your share of the infamous 72. If so then just say I can win.

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Islam is not your grandfathers mafia. But organized dangerourds criminals none the less. To take the Islamic threat lightly is a mistake our children and us will surely regret.

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My new t shirt says "I helped ruin Obama! Proud of it!"

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Not even Stewart could make Obama appear presidential. However one can understand the necessity of the attempt and Soros can afford it.