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So nice to see Android getting the attention it deserved. I'll be in line Friday morning to pick on up as well, had the Palm Pre (which I really liked) on Sprint and I found the coverage to be excellent.

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I just keep count in my head. Since I generally do them in sets of 40 or 50 it's pretty easy to keep track. For my P90X workouts I wrote a web based app that I can use to track all my reps and weights. Used it yesterday at the gym and it worked great, I'll have to show it to you...

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Well so far I'm failing in the pull-up challenge. Getting 50 of them in a day has been really tough. I'll continue with the push-ups though, in fact I better do a few right now!

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Thanks Tara - I've been doing P90X for the last few months, I'm at the end of week 7 of 12 right now. Amazing program and is really working great for me. I've been working out roughly 10 times a week for about the last 5 weeks. Doing my triathlon in June so have to start hitting the pool too. You've been doing Cross Fit, right? We should grab lunch sometime and compare.

Nice going Jake. With this it's just 100 day, any amount you want in each set as long as you hit 100. I generally do 25-30 at a time and will occasionally push to failure (can hit 40 if I try). Any style you want, I'm just doing standard wide pushups for now. Next month I'll switch to something harder like diamonds, etc.

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Well done Ryan, well done.

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Sorry, don't remember writing a post on that ;-)

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Totally agree with you Clover - it shouldn't be necessary to use any task manager but it should be available to those of us that DO know what we are doing.

I really do applaud Apple's goal of making things easy on the people that need it. I don't need it, give me the power. Apple has consistently dumbed down their products for this mystery bottom feeder out there. I am not him, don't insult me and treat me as I am.

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I understand what you are both saying - and I think I diluted my point. My main premise is that the internet is an open platform and for any device to say you get the "best web experience" and doesn't embrace that openness is kidding themselves.

As for the App Store I think the premise is fantastic but the implementation is flawed. You MUST play by Apple's rules (rules they don't follow themselves) and you are completely and totally locked into their world of DRM. I fully understand that groups create standards like you mention Jake (JPEG, MPEG, Flash, etc) but I'm only limited by my choice to use those things, not by my vendor.

In short it's MY device and I should be able to do what I want to with it. You are right that I'm VERY anti-Apple these days but wrong about me being a MS fanboy. While I use Windows and MS technologies they are also evil, just in very different ways.

Todd one thing about your argument about their Apps being more engrossing than the internet. That sounds very reminiscent of the AOL days when why would you use the net when you have AOL? AOL brought everything to you in a nice, easy to use, virus free way. And what happened to AOL again?

Keep 'em coming guys, this is fun.

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Well maybe you should get one before you spout off and show everyone you clearly don't know what you're talking about. I work out 8-10 times a week, I've been doing P90X for 60 days, I do 100 push-ups a day. Every day. 1.5lbs is nothing. But when you're holding a device like this it becomes heavy over time. More just annoying than heavy but it's not good none the less.

Remember weight is all relative. A 9lbs laptop used to be pretty standard a number of years ago, now anything over 4lbs is considered fairly big. And that is something you only have to carry over your shoulder. Holding the iPad for extended periods of time becomes obnoxious.

So use one for an extended period and know what you're talking about - then by all means come back and proclaim how much stronger you are than all of us. Then put your arms straight out at your sides (with no weight) and make small circles. I'd bet you money you can't do that for 2 minutes and its really easy. At first.

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A few of your have commented that the iPad isn't meant as a laptop replacement and while I do agree with that I have to ask what is it then? Apple has said many times it's meant as a Netbook replacement but I think it fails here for all the reasons I state above.

In fact I have no idea who this device is really for. As far as I can tell it's for people with more money than sense that want to play with something shiny from Apple. Definitely a cool product but definitely not one that anyone needs.

And Todd you couldn't be more right - god how I hate iTunes...