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Yeah, but if you miss with the fist and the other person takes a swing, you can break out the gun because you're standing your ground, right?*

*May not apply in some localities or for people of some skin colors that aren't pale.

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Dear Dan,

Why are you such a transphobic asshat? Also, did a bisexual person run over your dog or something, to account for your repeated dickwaddery towards bi folks? And when are you going to apologize for blaming all black people for Prop 8 passing, when everyone knows it was the massive amounts of money from the Catholic and Mormon Churches combined with piss-poor outreach on the part of the No on 8 campaign that resulted in that bullshit passing?


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Seriously! Harry, there IS NO FUCKING TRY!

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I much prefer the College of Giants. Watching the video of Game 7 of the NLCS will never get old.

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That would be a jive turkey, thank you.

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Hello from UC We're Totally Not an Ag School Please Don't Run Over the Chickens! I blame Reagan for many things, including the lovely letter that President Pilsbury Doughboy Yudof sent around telling staff that we're not getting a raise this year either, and shut up and be grateful you have jobs, signed, Guy Making Over $800k. To add insult to injury, we got a mass email from the UCD Annual Fund asking us for money.

And people wonder why state workers sit around commenting on blogs all day. But it all goes back to St. Ronnie making it cool to hate on what used to be one of the best public higher education systems in the world.

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When he told the 911 dispatcher "She's been abducted, brah--put yourself in her shoes!" my heart may have grown at least a size-and-a-half.

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Sadly, the surgery to remove Christie's head from his ass was unsuccessful, and he remains an unpleasant dick.

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This right here. The surgery has a number of unpleasant side-effects, which can include having to inject vitamins because you're not able to eat enough to get the necessary nutrients. There's very little margin of error.

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I don't get that. It makes sense that they sing Journey at AT&T Park because "Lights" is, you know, about San Francisco. "Sweet Caroline" is not, as far as I can tell, about Boston.

Though I gotta say, it was pretty cool when they sang "Sweet Caroline" in the eighth at tonight's Giants game.