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Glad to hear it, eric. I'll put a post together that explains more of my process for picking these bad boys...they aren't that easy to find, and you have to be patient.

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I love the humility, Dave, but we all know the truth...

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It was a fun run, but you really feel the nipple burn when you hit that shower...crazy! Fun Times! Go Rockies!

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Yup...that pretty much says it.

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Thomas is a good resource, but I don't think it provides State-level legislation. Am I wrong about that?

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Better you in that video than me, man. Can you imagine the terrified screams??

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Actually I think it is 9.33 (repeating of course) years. LEEEEERRRROOOYY JENNNNNKIIINNNNNSSS!!!!

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If the due diligence is complete and terms are settled, you are probably just waiting on your attorneys to complete final documents. This range could be a couple days to a couple of weeks depending on how much back and forth with the actual documents. Unless your deal is surprisingly complex, two or three weeks should be more than enough to get money to the business.

Whether I try to bring in other investors depends on the size of the deal and how far along the company is with their fund raising. If I really like the deal and the company is struggling getting commitments, I will ask around to fellow investors who I think may have an interest in taking a look. It is not always the same group of investors because I tend to look at a broad range of deals, and many investors focus on a particular space so I try to only talk to them about deals in their area of interest. Even then it is not a guarantee they will invest. Some day when I have proven I have the golden touch with investment choices perhaps people will just want in the deal because I am in it...I wouldn't count on that though.

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I like your style guys...GORE seems to be the least formidable opponent, and that says a lot given the selections. Note: I replied to politicalgrind's comment so I could follow a comment thread. Nice work Josh at Intense Debate!