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The Army burned a bunch of bibles before, I dont remember Christians killing anyone.

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Now its going to be "saved or created" x number of soldiers. Doesnt this sounds like his argument about the ecnomy? "It could have been worse". Its pretty easy to look successful when you get to lower the bar at will.

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Shouldnt everyone get an Oscar? Why are they keeping score?

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Gregen complains that it was 4 white guys sitting around telling women what to do with their bodies. Well here we have a group of atheists sitting around telling religious people its not about religious liberty.

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I posted this 75 weeks ago, I am recycling for the environment...
I noticed there is a Quran iPhone app. If I were to download that app and then delete it. Am I going to be beheaded? I didnt see that under the Terms and Conditions. Is it implied? I guess I am a little fuzzy on Quran handling procedures.

I wonder how many Qurans were inside the World Trade Center on 9-11 or on the planes. Does that type of burning count too? Or is it ok to burn it as long as its helping to burn infidels?

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Well it is only a one way street you are on there Sean.

Iran court convicts Christian pastor convert to death

A trial court in Iran has issued its final verdict, ordering a Christian pastor to be put to death for leaving Islam and converting to Christianity, according to sources close to the pastor and his legal team.

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What exactly is the overhead rate of confiscating, managing, processing and distributing the money used to pay for those checks? The truth is, what ever money the government pays out, a large portion is eaten away in government bureaucracy, and just like government the money is far less efficient and thus far less effective.

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Its easy to see why he links discourse and the anus, since he is so often talking out his ass.

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I worry that this could spoil Apples success, it could be a chink in their armor, so Apple should just change the name to something like iPad with an italicized I and pronounce it different.
That way the "I" would then be slanted on all packaging...... ;)

I know, I know. but I couldnt resist.

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"ban importing and exporting Apple’s iPads" shouldn’t an importing ban preclude the exporting?

I can just imagine the AppPull iPadds Brand knock-offs that will soon be available on the sidewalks. I worked for a company that sold high-end graphics software and hardware, they sent people over to buy computers and software for the express purpose of reverse engineering them. The Chinese have no problem stealing others work and repackaging as their own.

Isn’t communism supposed to be self-sustaining. If that is true why do the Chinese need to steal our technology, and why does Cuba blame a US embargo for their economic situation?