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well then stop holding out. speak up. provide facts. what are you going to do, wait until the worlds burning and bodies pile up and give a smug "I knew it was coming"?

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No, I am making fun of your name dropping like Chi is anything out of the ordinary. I am in no way, shape or form a bad man, just a prepared one. I only mention it as means of establishing my credentials that I have first hand knowledge of what is happening as opposed to relying on second hand biased accounts or outright propaganda, and have been very lucky to not be the subject of such a video. Omaha? Why do you condescend on them? Any place a person becomes the victim of violence is a bad place to be. FYI I am in a large top ten metro area that has had their turn at unwanted titles. The point is that lying about reality does not make it any better, in fact, it inhibits the work necessary to fix things.
Most reporting tends to bury a story such as this, or omits vital details. I don't consider this minor exposure as equal coverage as to the national frenzy this would be if the roles were reversed. I only stumbled upon this from a link to a link to a link. I hope the criminals are dealt with. But, from past experience, more than likely they will not be prosecuted, or if so, given anything beyond a slap.
The days of the media presenting their version of reality unchallenged are over. Hiding truth to further their agenda is not just wrong, it is leading to disaster. It was your original position that merely posting such a video was a racist act that I challenged, and to which you have not yet, nor apparently will respond to.

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So instead of addressing my point of discussion, you instead throw out events that have nothing to do with this story or my reply.
Battery is illegal. What else is there to say? Catch them and put them in jail.
Murder is illegal. What else is there to say? Catch them and put them in jail.
Chicago. BFD. This is happening everywhere. I have to face this nearly everyday where I work. I've been confronted twice. Fortunately, when confronted with "reason", they withdrew.
If the country is to solve its racial issues, pretending that they are a one way problem is not going to do that. Oh thats right, being truthful would upset the carefully crafted social engineering that is not only failing, but destroying all of society, black, white, and brown. Instead they are going to add fuel to an already dangerous situation. If you want to diffuse racism, show that the law is just, and criminals of all colors and classes are held accountable. Hiding the truth only infuriates and legitimizes real racists, who now not only have their imagined grievances, but have indignation over real and documented cases of bias to draw in the public and create more racists.
Spelling? really, thats what you have? honestly, how long have you been using the internet? Ideas stand or fall on their own. Not whether or not someone is a good typist or wearing their glasses.
So, are you going to address my what I said or hide behind dispersions? How does sensationalizing one side of a problem, while simultaneously suRpressing the opposite side, lead to an effective and realistic solution?

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yes, it does. you can't have a dialogue when one side is gagged. and you can't create solutions when truth is censored and facts are surpressed. all of this is creating a seething rage that is going to explode if not dealt with. it can not be dealt with when the powers that be continue to hide reality

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A devastating loss. A true hero and champion of America. absolutely terrible.
I'm sorry I have to go here, even on this day. His bona fides are provided by the list of enemies he made includes a whos who of some of the most powerful and evil people in the country, many of whom I'm sure are high fiving it now.
What exactly are natural causes for a forty year old? Has he been undergoing health issues for some time that we didn't know about? and no, cancer is not outside the limits of possibility. I certainly hope that there is a full blown toxicology screening done by an impartial and trusted lab looking specifically for "unusual" substances. the clock is ticking. many of them disappear very quickly.

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not funny
certain dusts are extremely flammable under the right conditions, and can be used as IEDs, as discussed in several military manuals.
Had there been a source of ignition, the "joke" could have been extremely dangerous

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Why is it no one is mentioning the very obvious here?
JFK was a man in a specific era, dealing with a very specific issue.
Kennedy was a newly elected Catholic in a very suspicious Protestant(y) country, saying what he needed to say at the time.
Not everything that pops out of an icons mouth are automatically gems for the ages.

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I'm not sure what the story is here.
With holding TRILLIONS in US bonds, you could make the same comparisions between China and the current regime occupying Washington.

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Little Jebby never has been and never will be a conservative.
niether was his brother. or his father.
conservative is just the coat tails they chose to ride on on their way to fame and glory. and now Rove and his band are trying to crush and undermine real conservatives to pave the way for the next in line for the Bush dynasty.
Jebby 2016? Just say no

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the tag you're looking for is fascist. and Obama is taking care of his friends quite successfully.
by 1933 the Dow had retraced much of its 1929 losses. it was little comfort to those in the soup lines.