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Building high rise is old hat and a philosophy from the 1960s.
High density housing is best done in blocks of 4 or 5 floors which people will accept as reasonable accommodation for human beings.

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I agree with Lord Lamont that the 40% tax rate applicable to people earning over £32,010 per annum will become the standard rate of tax if the tax threshold is not raised.
Many people of the "squeezed middle" are paying 40% income tax which is far to much on an income of £32,010.

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The mild winter was kind to old people and kind to Mr Hunt and the NHS.

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The Liberal Democrats have a leader in Nick Clegg who considers himself European not British - his speech at their conference made it quite obvious.
Britain can stand on it's own two feet and in any event the economy is one thing but the destruction of Britain as we know it by the EU is another.
What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul.

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It is nothing to do with being snobbish - you pay a great deal of money for independent schooling and one of the reasons is that the children mix with other like minded children and parents whose children want to learn and be educated to their full potential.
There are not many if any state schools where you can guarantee the same.

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All that feminism has achieved is that women buy their own beers.

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I read the piece and am aware about Mr Gove but maybe it is David Cameron.

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Many state schools focus on special needs children and let the gifted children get on with it so that many gifted children do not reach their full potential.

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Parents want the best education they can get for their children and if they can afford to send them to an excellent independent school then so be it.
Grammar Schools in the state sector are just as good as many independent schools and some state schools are classed as excellent.
Politicians who put there children's education at risk for political reasons should be ashamed.

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In 2010 Nick Clegg won the leadership debate with lies and unfulfilled promises and turned out to be unfit for government and the worst Deputy Prime Minister we have ever had.
Clegg will be no different when he debates with Nigel Farage.