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Great pictures. I guess milling through the crowd is good for getting those great photos. Something that I couldn't bring myself to do. Thanks for the photo of me and my t shirt. Was fun seeing you two again. Hope to do it again soon.


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A lot of these politicians are career politicians and they do not care what the people think anymore. I am in the process of making bumper stickers that say: Politicians are like diapers, and they need changing for the same reasons.

A new, and more caring breed of politician needs to be elected in 2010, to replace the old, and long time ones of both isles, but especially Murtha, Kerry, Durbin, Frank and others who will not do what is right for this nation.

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'Time to Stand and Defend'
> This should be the matra of the
> Tea Parties
> For the taking back of the land, the constitution and the heart of
> &
> with 3 million people all chanting this while advancing on the Capitol in DC in like, July or Aug. of 2009, I think we could put a scare into the powers that be
> to consider a differen't path to go
> ?????