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CM Punk's entrance music is "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour.

That alone makes him seven levels of awesome.

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Alter Bridge, folks. Best rock band going, very pro-military (youtube "One by One"), have the best frontman singing since Chris Cornell & Mark Tremonti is an absolute beast on the guitar. "Before tomorrow comes" and "Rise today" are lyrics that could be interpreted straight from the New Testament, and even though the lead singer has lost his faith "Find the real", to me, is about finding faith. And that song has the best ending of any rock vocal in history, I might add.

Seriously, youtube Alter Bridge.

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Moore was against us going into Afghanistan to take out the Taliban after 9/11.

Read that sentence again. After 9/11, he wanted us to do nothing.

At some point, isn't it incumbent to point out that the man is simply a fool? Making movies and reciting Marxist talking points does NOT make one intelligent, it makes one proficient at one - and only one - vocation plus a lemming that is no different than any one of the thousands of kos/huffpo commenters.


There, I said it. Can we stop pretending that he's some force to contend with, when even his 'side' finds him to be a useful idiot?

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The unions didn't give him anything, they negotiated & the movie industries provided health care/wages. The unions can't give something they don't have.

That sort of mentality, though, is part & parcel of why we have so many intelligent but very ignorant people.

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Alter Bridge - ABIII
best rock album

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So he waits until Olbermann is gone to do this? Isn't that kinda like some Republican speaking out against Duke Cunningham NOW? Where was this for the last few years?

Instead, he waits until the wear-on date for Olbermann is gone & now he can point and say "but I went after him, too!". Brave, Jon, so very brave. What next, making fun of Farenheit 9/11 or Al Gore's movie this spring, long after their effectiveness disappeared?

I'm shocked that so many didn't see this...

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But, the speech police was in full gear for the Diceman, there's no doubt. Apparently, it's classless for a full MSG crowd to yell the ending to dirty nursery rhymes (the horror!), but the epitome of sophistication to laugh along with Bill Maher mocking Sarah Palin's intelligence or chuckle at Olbermann's nasty diatribe against Malkin.

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She'll charge racism, of course.

Then again, that kind of thing is why she was DEMOTED, heh.

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Does Affleck give screenwriting credits to the writers of "Heat"? If not, then he should be charged with plagiarism because Vanilla Ice ripped the premise for Ice Ice Baby from Queen/Bowie in a less subtle way. Don't get me wrong, it's a well done movie, but seriously, it's Heat taking place in small town Mass where the lead character falls for a teller instead of some other woman. Same film.

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Alter Bridge: Isolation, currently #3 on the active rock chart.

Youtube "Slip to the void", rock a-la 70's Queen/Boston/Van Halen.

Yeah, that good. Myles Kennedy is the best rock vocalist going.