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Plus add on top the possibility of a downloader "pay up or else" scheme similar to the Dallas Buyers Club court case here for anyone jumping the queue to see the film through other means.

Not going into full details, while I am interested in the films release, I don't want to wait years to see it locally through the legal channels. Simple as that.

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The advantage for those who are watching live in Australia (through unofficial sources sadly, blame Hollywood for their broken and outdated distribution model with regional delays) is that the movie will be going to air at 10:00pm for those in the AEST time zone.

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Agreed there on the possible quality decline of the series.

All shows have a shelf life, there is no avoiding that. Once it starts to go past its use by date after hitting it's peak, it starts becoming stale and unwatchable. (e.g SpongeBob or The Simpsons)

Although I like the idea of future seasons of pony, I don't want it to go down that path...

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For me, I can easily relate to Moondancer very well but for a different reason.

I don't know if anyone else has brought this up yet but when I saw the episode originally it immediately reminded me of my Aspergers/Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) experiences in life. Having a disability like ASD is not easy and when Moondancer showed off some traits such as not being socially active and wanting to be on her own, that reflected what I go through on a daily basis.

I’ve been forced many times whether it be at school, work or even home to be more socially active and make new friends, but my mind doesn’t want to. Although I overcame that once, I still have difficulty in making and maintaining friendships even in my adult years due to the fear that if I say or do something wrong, I would end up being shunned and disowned due to one mistake.

I also prefer peace and quiet over loud noises and background music and to also do my own thing rather than being with a group of people.

So I can easily relate to Moondancer quite a bit.

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Finally had a chance to see the trailer this evening (thanks a lot NSW Trainlink for bringing the entire Southern Highlands Line to a grinding halt this morning and ruining the hype for me) and I have to say that it looks very promising, especially the Sci-Twi concept coming into play.

On a related note, a certain theme tune from over 27 years ago, being the Network Ten Seoul Olympics theme is currently playing in my head when I think of the Friendship Games idea.

Don't ask me how or why....

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That would mean though that it would have to be celebrated twice in a year. June for the Northern Hemisphere and December for the Southern Hemisphere.

Same with Winter Wrap Up, in Australia that event is celebrated towards the end of August/first day of September.

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Let's hope this new episode is better than the 100th one.

Still got quite a sour taste in my mouth after last weekend's disaster and I am starting to question the future of the show.

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Ouch. Those viewer numbers have to hurt.

This is what happens when a two week break leading up to an important milestone episode which was overhyped, overpromoted and turned out to be a big bust for some.

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So here we are. The evening of episode 100.

After two weeks, I am still not keen or hopeful in the slightest on how this one will go tonight, but I don't see episode 100 going down well for me.

Something just doesn't feel right about it for some reason....

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This pretty much confirms my gut instinct when I first saw the first teasers for the episode.

I am sorry to say this and to derail the hype train but I am not that interested in episode 100. Call me a traitor if you will, drag me through hot coals if you must, but for me this episode is being way overhyped to the point that I have genuinely lost interest and pretty much turned off from watching it.

That's all.