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Lesnar above Michaels gets a huge LOL from me. Otherwise, good list.

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I thought the exact same thing. It is a shame a final podcast between Vader and Jericho never happened. The podcast Jericho did with Bruno a year or two ago is just terrific.

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That main event was awesome. Murphy has really improved and Mustafa is always great. And Gulak's commentary during the first match was gold.

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Yikes. I love Austin's podcast, but that was a brutal and awkward performance by Ambrose.

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I was there. It felt like Zayn's send off at Takeover Dallas. Fans were chanting "thank you Balor" (Joe had celebrated and left by this time) and he was soaking it in emotionally in the middle of the ring, before taking a bow and being helped to the back by a trainer and the ref.

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Fans aren't buying Elias Sampson. You can hear a pin drop during his matches.

Baron Corbin vs Austin Aries should be fun. Corbin has gotten better, but needs to continue to get better.

The Vaudevillians will never get over on the main roster with this current gimmick. American Alpha, very entertaining in and out of the ring without being overly cartoonish, has the best chance to be a breakout WWE tag team. I'm hoping good things for Enzo and Cass - but I think they could flop or be very successful on the main roster.

Santana Garrett was more over than I expected. I like her moveset. Santana and Asuka vs Dana and Emma would be quite good. Emma is nothing special.

A very nice main-event match between Neville and Balor. Balor is very over at the moment and could probably have good matches in his sleep.

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Is Linda's endorsement relevant or seeked by any candidate? That black hole of charisma was soundly thrashed in the CT polls on multiple occasions. Without Vince's money, she'd be a shift manager at the local Quizno's.

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We got that same match in Boston at the atrocious Survivor Series 2013 PPV.

No thanks.

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Ken Shamrock also said pro wrestling was harder, on Steve Austin's podcast.

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You are exactly right...union is the only chance they have.