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The good news for the Right is that this asshole will definitely find Jesus. Every time he comes up for a parole hearing.

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The left hates Ted too, but he is a coward who keeps showing up. Why can't he show some courage and quit?

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She should have said "Oh yeah?? Well, I'm placing you under citizens arrest for resisting citizens arrest!!" Back and forth, back and forth until Daffy gets his bill blown off.

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It might be interesting to see if this "conscience clause" was applied to the issue of hunting, fishing and gun licenses.

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I AM AN ASSHOLE!!!!! Sometimes, believe me, I don’t want to be an asshole. It’s not fun all the time. It’s not easy all the time. It doesn’t make you popular all the time. I can’t change it. It is who I am.

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Maybe they could just tattoo them. With code numbers or something.

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Being Florida, I'm surprised they haven't hired George Zimmerman to "fix the homeless problem."

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I just don't understand this thing with the comet guy. I mean incredibly smart scientist guys are usually snazzy dressers with an incredibly sharp sense of fashion. When I was in high school, all the kids asked the guys in the Chess Club and the exchange students where they did their shopping.

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I've always said, whenever you're reading any article on the internet, always look at the little picture of the writer. If that writer is wearing a fedora, go ahead and disregard the article, because that means they have difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality.

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Has Obama thought of reverse psychology? Just saying "net neutrality is an awful idea?"