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I blog at So Long, FOMO, even though it's desperately in need of a new post!

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Of course! I quit my job last March because of toxic work environment + wanting to start changing careers + terminal illness in my family. The main things that helped me out with job hunting were:

1) Create a compelling story of why you left your job, and insert that into every cover letter you write for future jobs. Recruiters obviously looked at my family situation and gave me a good amount of leeway, but you can spin nearly anything into a legit reason for the resume gap.

2) Fill in your resume gap as much as possibly can. Can you consult for people? Can you help a family member with their business? Do your friends have any leads? Can you volunteer in your field? When I left my job, a colleague from a different team reached out with a contracting opportunity and that carried me through to fall -- are there opportunities to work with people at your same company that you get along well with?

3) I did yoga teacher training. Obviously this is not for everyone! But it helped me deal with the emotional stress of everything, gave me away to make some pocket money, and opened up my career options because then I could apply to positions relating to health and teaching/education. (Plus I do eventually want to go full-time into wellness work, but one step at a time.)

Between #1 and #2, I had a resume that still made sense and a respectable-looking-enough freelance portfolio. And #3 actually calmed me down so much that it's one of the reasons I got my new job -- my interviewers sold me to the CMO based on my newfound zen, haha!

So do whatever you can do to stay relevant and employable, but really make sure you're doing lots of self-care so you can move through the emotional side and heal. Wishing you all the best -- definitely feel free to reach out with anything else!

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Good for you!! I did this last year and can tell you that it will be OK! And you WILL be able to get a job again (if you want one, of course -- you may discover something better), despite what everyone else seems to believe.

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Gotta love Tumblr at a time like this

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I am visiting in mid-June and am down to see ALL THE WEIRD STUFF. :D

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Yes, emailing you now, so delete whenever!

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Eeek, I'm about to do this right now! I just resigned from my job yesterday and am thinking to do yoga therapy teacher training and/or a reiki certification in the short term; long term I might go to acupuncture school. I've been pretty unhappy in my current (highly corporate) job for a few years and have been actively working on an exit strategy for the last few months. So I've already been through a lot of the fear and the second-guessing (though plenty more will come, that's just the nature of the beast) and am about to get into the actual doing.

Let me know if you want to compare notes; I could use a moral support buddy! WE CAN DO THIS.

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I just finished Amy Poehler's Yes Please and oh my gosh was it ever delightful. Just further confirms my opinion that she's one of the best people on the planet, and not simply for the fact that she thanked Dolly Parton ("Just because") in the acknowledgements section.

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My kingdom for a balaclava....