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it's not about birth control. it's about the "morning after pill" which many people believe is an early abortion. don't confuse the two issues.

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there was a UCLA study done a few years ago that show FDRs infusion of cash and make work projects actually extended the depression. you can google the study. the synopsis is not long, but it's worth reading. so...Soros doesn't know history...which i don't believe, or he wants a repeat....much more believable to me.

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wouldn't it be interesting if Israel kept Muslims from a holy site in Israel? maybe away from the Temple Mount? i'm sure the Muslims would understand......

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given the way the dems run elections, you may be right. we may be looking at a level of corruption in the election process that we have never seen before. if Obama follows in the footsteps of those leaders he loves best, he will take the election and claim that it is for our own good. after all, the public is to stupid to know what is good for them.......

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this is the same guy who thought Chavez would do great things for Venezuela. must suck to be so often wrong, and disappointed!!

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oh, i don't know. what if someone in this country insisted that a black sit in the back of the bus? i don't know if they'd be arrested for just the insistence, but someone would probably knock them upside the head and there would be no witnesses.

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i know that someone is going to say "they are just as bad as the Islamists" and that might be correct BUT the difference is that the Israelis will go after them and not allow this to continue.

extremists in any belief system can be a bad and even a dangerous thing. fortunately, it is not the policy of the government of Israel to support this kind of behavior and that makes all the difference.

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the city of Portland, OR has allowed the demonstrators to stay in two city parks. the extra police and the overtime is running close to 200,000 now. that does not include the damage done to the parks, the mess that has to be cleaned up, or the interruptions of commerce in town.
the police are getting frustrated because they are being asked to selectively enforce the law. camping in city parks is not allowed. the "occupation" continues without permits and violating various city ordnances.

i hope that when the city comes to the people and complains that they are out of money for policing, the people of the city will remember that Portland CHOSE to allow this occupation, and chose to waste tax dollars policing it.

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the middle of the road is good for getting hit by a truck.

may i suggest that you actually read the founders? you will find that following their core principles leave no room for compromise with this presidents' agenda.

you show a pic of a man in MY uniform. if you actually wore it, perhaps you remember that your oath was to the constitution?

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i an neither an emotional person or one given to following conspiracy theories. that said, i have felt in my bones, for a very long time, that something is very wrong with this presidency. i kept this feeling to myself assuming it was my conservative leanings leaking into my sub-conscious mind. my feeling of unease had more to do with my political leanings that with reality?

now, here and elsewhere, i hear others giving voice to their suspicions. what we see, is not the president that we have. these little slips are the tip of the iceberg. this president is not president of the USA or of the people. this president is president of the agenda.

next question? what is the agenda...or better yet...who's agenda is it?