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Don't kid yourself Scott...I think you're a pretty good golfer! Good choice, BTW!

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I like jangy.com, though tech.scottjangro.com will remind readers who they're reading. I think there's a "first impression" thing to keep in mind too. At a show or a party, you can say "visit tech.scottjangro.com", or "visit scottjangro.com". It'll be easy for people to remember (jangy will be remembered, but the tie-in back to you may be harder for people).

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I liked your observation about when you stopped doing active development: during "the shift from procedural programming to object oriented programming." Me too. I feel like the "new ways" of programming (and let's face it, OO is not new anymore) still seem slippery to get a hold of. The other thing I also liked about this post: blocking out time to try and learn something new. Good stuff.