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You go girl! You are dead on. Sarah Palin has toughness in her little finger's finger nail than all of the Bushies and "leaders" of the GOP in Congress put together.

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You are on a roll Wes. This is one of the most concise statements of a good plan I have ever seen. Especially since you made a point of including a limit on spending in it. Good job!

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Well said, Wes.

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Hey Joe, is your objective to pay for what government does or social engineering? If you are truly interested in staying away from deficit spending you would be for lowering tax rates and cutting spending or at least keeping spending the same. Lowering the tax rates brings in more revenue to the Treasury. It works every time it is tried. See JFK, Reagan and GWB. All three lowered tax rates and revenue exploded. Only problem was that Congress is filled with politicians, especially Liberal Democrats, who see their sole purpose in life as spending other peoples money an thus all that extra money was not spent to pay for current programs or reducing the debt, it was spent on "new and better" programs.

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No thanks. I'll let you sleep..You are not as dangerous to liberty loving Americans when you are asleep.

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I love this woman and my respect for her knows no bounds. She or a person like her (if another one can be found) is exactly what this country needs.

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Rush talked this movie up today after seeing a copy given to him by the producers. I can't wait to see it.

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Sounds yummy Ash. What time do we eat?

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"Who can feel safe around a dimwit?" Nobody. But a conservative former Alaska Governor who could save this country, everybody. Even trolls.