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tweetwasters is interesting. Since I only tweet a couple times a day I don't have a lot of wasted time. Commenting on blogs, on the other hand - that takes up some time!

Just so you know, I tried to submit this to stumble upon again and I got that same 301 message that I told you of before.

Too bad intense debate does not have a twitter name option, I have to just paste it in

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test works just fine.

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I put on about 20 pounds following an operation that left me with limited mobility. Now that I can move more or less normally I decided to lose weight.

I ate less. Wild plan, I know. But it worked. I didn't change any habit except to each a banana about an hour before dinner, so I was not hungry when I ate, and I took smaller portions.
I can't see meself exercising to the latest tune on an MP3, but eating less works.

I have lost 30 pounds of the 20 I wanted to lose. Now I weigh the same as I did in the Marine Corps, in fact a few pounds less.

Stumbled your post.

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that is why it is called "the word" I suppose.

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Well, if someone sees that you are leading a life that they want to live they will ask. If no one asks, maybe you are not leading a life that merits the attention.

When I was in the Marine Corps a friend of mine told me that he was a Mormon and had joined the Corps as his mission. He is the one that put that idea in my mind. He never approached people to discuss religion. He just did a good job and eventually people would ask why he seemed to be better at what he did, and only then would he speak about his reasons.

I could be wrong.

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I thought it was that when we are asked for the message our assignment begins.

I don't believe in preaching at... only speaking to people when asked.

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I used to work for Microsoft and it was like a game to see who could find the 'least convenient' BSoD. For me the winner was (at that time) in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport when all flights were stopped. Since then I saw a great one of a projection about 5 stories tall.

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Great stuff. I installed this on my test site ( for anyone who wants to see) and on a real site. I would like to see a connection between this and SezWho & Disqus. At least for the profile settings.

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There were no comments before you. So, nope, not a thousand.

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Looks like a movie for me.