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Rich is a contributing writer but does not directly reply to comments as has been stated here by staff members guess is the 4th sentence he says "learning the game" so that means beginner or low average players....

most of these articles are addressed to 170 and below average bowlers but this one is designed to help new bowlers the way I see it....making sure that shoes face the pocket where most bowlers line-up near the center of the approach when trying to use the 2nd arrow spot on the lane is probably what he intends.....of course, power players who hook the ball should open up the stance to allow the right swing and delivery path...just my two cents worth....

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I have known Larry well personally and professionally for more than 40 years as a friend and colleague. We are in agreement he is a quality professional and the industry has benefited through the years from Larry's presence.

Any reference to our company pro shop professionals who serve the public is completely legitimate to our way of thinking because anyone who occupationally makes a living offering pro shop goods and services to the public is considered a business professional.

The public has the right to choose any professional to serve their needs and we completely support this notion just as we salute the services of Larry Lichstein.

We thank you for your comment and congratulate your for the forty years history you have in the game. We wish you all the best.

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To all of our friends who place comments on this site - we, as staff members of this site, have been monitoring a series of escalating exchanges in debate comments to the point of them becoming laced with unnecessary hostility beyond acceptable levels.

We have deleted the final comments from two parties and will not allow further negative comments to continue.

We reserve the right to delete divisive comments as providers of this site.

The objective is to offer clean and clear points of view in and around the bowling industry and to allow our friends to comment and place their points of view or to ask questions. We ask everyone to enjoy the site and use its features as intended and in a friendly manner as 99% of your already do.

Thank you. We wish you well.

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Hi Hank,

Nice to read your comment and see your name....will send an email soon.....all the best....Rich

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We suggest you take your ball to another pro shop for an evaluation on the fit to your hand. It is entirely possible the ball does not fit your hand and the pitches are not correct making a clean and consistent release challenging or impossible. A second opinion will help you figure out if you should plug and re-drill the ball or just the thumb hole.

We cannot check your grip for you in real time so it is not possible for us to comment on your fit based on your the size and configuration of your hand. It is also possible your delivery style causes ineffective releases. There are too many variables for us to make a concrete statement regarding how your ball presently fits your hand.

If the hole is too large, then you will not be able to relax the thumb in the hole or you will lose the ball on your forward swing.
Typically, holding your ball with a straight thumb works extremely well if your ball is fitted properly to your hand. There are exceptions to any rules but in this case, you likely need another pro shop to have a look at the ball and then consider plugging and re-drilling the ball or adding slugs before drilling new holes.

You can discuss these options with the next pro shop professional you speak with to help resolve this matter.

We wish you the best. Thank you.

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As example, if you are a right handed player, the mid pocket is slightly less of a "high flush hit" where the pins all are deposited into the pit with none left on the pin deck.

On a high pocket hit, a right handed bowler risks leaving what is known as a "solid four pin" leave.

On a light hit, the term "wall shot" applies where the pins mix on the pin deck to carry a strike or to leave a 7 pin or 5 pin spare.

The mid pocket hit would be where the five pin sweeps left into the wall or into the 7 pin and then rolls across the deck toward the 10 pin area.

The mid pocket hit is not quite high enough to be a flush pocket hit but more of a flush hit flush than is a light pocket hit.

Mid pocket hits typically cause the "weak 10 pin" leave. By hitting mid pocket, you perhaps will not strike as often as on a flush or solid pocket hit but you are more likely to avoid high pocket splits or avoid hitting the head pin squarely and leaving big splits as the article suggests.

The mid pocket is certainly a safe pocket hit.

Hope this helps. Thanks for the comment J.H. We wish you well.

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Good news on your successes. Keep the good scores coming. Glad we are able to help via our two websites. All the best.

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Roberto....sorry for any confusion about the "outsourcing" comment.

We use the services of a non-company person to offer articles and videos merely as a courtesy to our customers and as another feature for our Newsletter service. We have no intention of moving into the instructional business at this time.

As previously stated, our primary business is pro shop retail sales. Perhaps in the future your suggestion can become part of our company services.

The bowling ball videos help us sell bowling balls. Instructional information does not. Thus the emphasis on bowling ball video presentations.

Thanks again for your ideas.

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Thanks for the comment. We are sorry that we are not equipped to present any instructional videos or pictures accompanying the articles and short desk videos. We outsource these articles and videos and are not able to present greater detailed pictures or videos at this time. We are, of course, a retail, online pro shop first and foremost but we offer these articles and desk videos complimentary as a service to our customers.

Thanks again and we wish you well.

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Men and women use the same bowling ball equipment. There are no differences in manufactured products for men and women.

These professionals this article above refers to bowling balls which match best to the lane conditions where they compete. The best thing to do is build your own arsenal based on your game and then add a ball or two if you compete in special tournament events.

Hope this helps? Thanks for your comment and we wish you the very best.