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thanks for the comments, as I have been pointing out for a long time, cities like Lexington have a vibrant and growing entrepreneurial culture and this Tech month is one way to show it

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Rob: I certainly can understand. The startup I work for has the same need to find the best talent and it may or may not be located in Kentucky. However, we have shown that it is possible to recruit talent to Kentucky once you overcome their misconceptions. I am not putting this all on you but we need more high tech entrepreneurs to build their companies here in the state and to be evangelists as to why building a company here is not only doable but more cost effective.

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Kiawah Rocks, and that course is beautiful

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I have been using the dashboard for a few weeks and am still trying to get configured to be a effective as I want it. Some of the tips you mention above will help me tune it. I think that tips like these would be helpful for first time uses maximize their early experience.

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I would agree that I want all of the relevant information I am looking for but their is plenty of opportunities for innovation around:

Finding relevant information
in a timely manner
and in a format that is usable

Too often I know the information I need is available but I cannot locate in a timely fashion using current tools or the information is not in a retrievable or easily digested format.

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many entrepreneurs want to come to the US to start their companies, especially in tech. No other nation in the world has the combination of capital, talent and legal/business framework necessary to succeed like the US does. I agree that entrepreneurship is the way up for most developing nations but in most cases this starts with small mom and pop operations not the high tech venture backed startup.

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I think it is going to be difficult to not have a "Super-Angel" exemption be gamed. It seems to me that it could be easy for someone or a group to either sell visas or perhaps fund other types of nefarious activity through this loophole. Unfortunately, I think some kind of registration would have to take place. I also am not sure how well the US government could oversee such a program since there are many examples of them being unable to oversee the programs they currently have in place.
I support the concept of the startup Visa because it makes sense to go out and continue to make the US the place for innovation.

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I havent read every comment so some of this mat be addressed and these are in a random order:
The money component could easily lead to gaming of the system
It should be written to include a clause that the founder must work full time in the business
IS it possible that just raising the H1B cap would solve much of this problem?
is it possible to get this passed they will trade h1B jobs for founders jobs and is that a good compromise?
if a dollar requirement is included it should include SBIR/STTR funding
Would a bank loan qualify for the 250K?
This is actually as much or more of a problem in life sciences
likelihood of current members of congress and administration (both parties) to understand and get this right is low

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It appears to me they may have started with the answer they preferred then worked backward.