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If you listen to Santorum speak, you realize he connects with people on a level that Romney and Obama don't even realize exists. Better even than Gingrich, who simply invites people to share HIS anger.

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My biggest worry with the Avengers is that they left out both the Scarlet Witch AND the WASP. They're probably all gay in the office.

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I enjoyed both Captain America and Thor, as did the audiences I saw them with. I did think they could have done more with the physicality of the Cap character, but Evans did the character justice and it's hard not to like a movie where the God of Thunder keeps getting knocked on his ass by an intern. Volstagg seems to have been off his feed, though.

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All I can say in terms of how these theories worked out in real life is, Meg Whitman's campaign SLAUGHTERED the downticket in California in 2010 because the Whitman camp and the Party made the callers and canvassers pimp Meg and Carly along with the local candidates. Time after time, we'd be reaching out to voters and getting responses, talking to them about local candidates who lived among them, worked among them, understood their problems. Then we'd mention Meg Whitman and... dial tone.

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Did you really call the woman Newt cheated on and divorced a bully? Seriously?

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Dear Ms. Bush, when leaving the country, please go up or down on the map. If you go left or right you'll hit salt water and I'm not sure you're bright enough to stop.

Whatever happened to Cameron Diaz's warning that the GOP would legalize rape? Cuz I gotta tell ya, under Obama the dating scene is getting pricey...

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There is no evidence in the Bible that Jesus was a virgin. For that matter, and I speak under correction on this one, I'm unware of any evidence that he even required the Magdalene to give up hooking, whereas he explicitly condemned the men who would stone her.

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Yes, we all remember when Jesus kicked the crap out of Mary Magdalene and praised the men who wanted to stone her... oh, wait...

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How can you have forgotten Santa Claus Conquers the Martians?

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Communism is fine on paper.

And the script was funny until Whoopi performed it.