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You frustrate me immensely... I can't help it. You're probably not a bad person. You do seem to be an arrogant, self-righteous, intolerable, stupid person though.

Sorry.. I'm being horrible but I can't help it after reading so many of your words.

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And if this is yet another case of Pratchett anachronistically referencing our own world, then it doesn’t work.

Look, I can tell that Pratchett meant well by this, but meaning well doesn’t actually create accurate metaphors. I find it incredibly callous that someone will invoke an anti-black slur just to make a point or a joke about the silliness of racism, but doesn’t actually include hardly any black characters in his canon. Who do we have so far? Mrs. Pleasant, right? Do we know if Mrs. Gogol was actually black? So, two characters out of fifteen books, full of nearly a thousand named characters. I don’t think that earns someone the chance to use a line like that.

Oh my god

You're actually an idiot. Your brain doesn't work. I can't believe you exist.

If anyone else is writing this sort of read along of Terry Pratchetts work please point me in there direction because if you as a community all like and are supportive of this guy then you probably don't want me here.

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"He is most likely going to ignore the Vetenari because it’s wrong to let this murder go unsolved."

Aha yes now you're getting there. And surely Vetenari would know that that's what he is going to do?

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No comment on the fact that Angua shows herself to have prejudices too?

I think that's the point of this book. That everyone has a tendency to judge people without knowing the full story

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Brilliantly put

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What’s a “gonne”?


You... somehow didn't get this?

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I think I know what’s being said here: Vimes dislikes everyone, so his dislike of the trolls and dwarfs is not racist because it’s not special. I call foul on that because you can’t suddenly claim yourself exempt from this just because you dislike other groups. Misanthropy doesn’t excuse bigotry.

I think what's actually going on is that he's actually encountered trolls and dwarfs and dealt with the less savoury sides of their societies (troll vs dwarf gang warfare). There is a large criminal component to the trolls and the dwarves and even those who aren't a part of this are not the sort of people who would be helpful to a copper in the middle of an investigation. I don't remember whether it's this book but you can see how difficult it is for Vimes to investigate the murder of a dwarf. Often no one is willing to talk. So I think he's saying, I've dealt with the buggers, I at least know what I'm talking about and know that I'm not talking about all of them.

Still not okay in your opinion, obviously, but that's what I think he's saying.

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Oops sorry if I replied to you

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Groan. No just no. You don't seem to get it. They're not using the word ethnic to mean foreign people. It's an adjective. It's a far more gentle conversation and satire than you seem to realise. It's just them talking about how difficult you have to be around issues to do with race and racism. Also the word is used so much deliberately so it becomes meaningless.

Also $40 vans are hardly the shoes of someone who is poor

I reckon my main problem with pratchetts racism discussion is that irl race is pretty much just superficial. In Discworld it is a much larger thing and the physical and behavioural differences are huge so it makes racism much more understandable and almost justifiable in some forms.

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I will continue- it's good to have a recap of the book if nothing else