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No doubt that's a Kenyan birth certificate.

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What I'm particularly impressed by was how the convention so perfectly reflected the ad in its racial make-up.

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I wish I agreed with you, because of course, you're pretty much always right. On this one, I don't, because the question of what Snowden should or should have done is ultimately a red herring (pun intended). If he were in jail, the only difference would be that he'd be in jail. The intelligence agencies, the president, a fair part of the press might even be more dug in against reform, since they're mostly just worried that he'll somehow embarrass them some more now. Whatever infighting there is about Snowden would just be about some other aspect of this -- and the "left," most of whom is just as supportive of state surveillance as anyone else -- would still be at odds with each other. Sorry.

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You are right, I'm afraid. All three Democratic presidents since Johnson have been vilified, no matter what they do. Carter was "weak," Clinton was a "sex freak" and Obama is, OMG, black (and has been even more of a target than Carter and Clinton because of that, obviously). Even if you're more or less in the center, as all of them have been, you're an enemy of the oligarchy and their tools (and I meant the double meaning there).

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A day of "purity" doesn't really sound like a heavy lift. Though for me, I'm going to aim for maybe "10 minutes of purity" as a goal first.

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Please, please, please let Andrew Cuomo run for governor of Mississippi! Anything to get that slightly cleverer Chris Christie away from my state!

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Ted Cruz: "My opponent is a wimp. Closes a few bridge tolls for less than a week -- ha! I would have kidnapped that mayor and eaten him myself, then bombed that town to smithereens. That's what real patriots do."

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De Blasio's predecessor, the great and powerful Bloomberg, was always the picture of grace. There are so many examples. One of my favorites: the time he lashed out at a news conference because a reporter's cell phone was ringing. Turned out it was the phone of a fellow who is disabled and in a wheelchair, who was having a tough time getting to the phone. Did the mayor ever apologize? As someone once said in Brooklyn, furgettaboutit!

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Sadly, in spite of his convincing ads, de Blasio is pretty much a fraud. I've dealt with him on an issue and his main consideration was "how much money will this mean for my campaign?" I hate Bloomberg with a passion, but it'll be only slightly different with any of his replacement.

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And the Guardian is not in the business of covering news? Where's the evidence that Greenwald didn't vet the facts in this story, or that his story is inaccurate? Haven't seen any. Seems the U.S. has done a pretty good job of diverting attention from the story Greenwald wrote to the leaker. And now it's violating international law concerning the travel of diplomats. Don't like the leaker or the reporter? Fine. But it's time for some perspective.