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I know , we need to do it Memorial Day. Just don't have enough time to
get it together, need help to get this done!!

Bob Hodges

2805 Premiere Parkway

Duluth, GA 30097

678.584.0880 - office

770.206.0188 - mobile



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Lets get their attention in DC, lets make Pelosi, Reid and Frank literally shake in their boots, lets make tax cheat tim, drop his turbo tax box, lets make Obama's telepromter shake so bad he can't read the message. What I and a great many other people that believe that this country is GREAT its just the same old politics that are not listening. Why have we been told we CAN"T make a vehicle in this country without governmance assistance.Lets put 200,000 Harley Davidson Motorcyles surrounding DC on the 4th of July, it will be a thunderouse event!!, All fellow bikers pass the word, lets make the million man march look like a picnic. They will hear our roar!!