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I think the link between his New Atheism dickishness and his murderousness is less "cause and effect" and more "Venn diagram".

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He says farewell to his wife and drives off with his eventual killer (or maybe with the other guy who's also killed? I wasn't clear on that point). A title card tells us the rest, and cut to funeral footage and end credits.

Now I've ruined it for everyone, haven't I?

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I'm always moved by the Buttatitudes.

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Any audience member cheering missed the point completely. Other than one Syrian sniper, the brown people in the movie weren't the villains, they were set dressing and props. It's not better, but it's not the same, either.

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I appreciate this smart and critical overview of the movie I actually saw. Going by the screamy portions of the internet (I'm looking at you, Twitter!), there were two other movies with the same name in theatres - the one whitewashing a psychopath's reputation, and the one making me believe in America's Heroes® again.

It's too bad, because it means Bradley Cooper's amazing performance won't be taken on its face by Oscar voters.

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As terrible as it is that all this money that was meant to support hardline conservative candidates is going into the pockets of criminally shameless grifters, am I the only one who sees a silver lining in this story?

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Pol Pot spent four years in Paris, and Obama can't spend four hours? For shame!

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Not just gas, but grocery stores in poor neighbourhoods also tend toward smaller and more expensive (if one can be found at all - it might just be the gas station). Also, anything other people might be buying cheaply in bulk, because what Poor has the cupboard storage for six dozen of anything?

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I'm electing to be encouraged that 46% of the super-rich understand that being A Poor is hard. Some probably have enough compassion to feel like Something Should Be Done. If I'm right, it's actual evidence that being super-rich doesn't automatically make you a dick - you still have to choose to be a dick.

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Wendy, Wendy, what went wrong? Oh, so wrong.