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Webster Groves is considered one of the more liberal cities in the metro area. She could have been much worse off if she were further out in the county. That said Chartwells serves mostly low quality crap, not nearly enough fruit and vegetables are even more scarce. At least they stopped making chocolate milk the primary milk choice. It's not unusual for grilled cheese sandwiches to be the only hot option for breakfast.

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How do the Foxites not flip out at a group with 'socialist' RIGHT IN THEIR NAME walking around with weapons?

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That's actually a pretty good yo mama joke.

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Maybe it's the meds (mine or Rebecca's), I can make no sense of this post. The original story is much more coherent yet due to the actions of Mr Howting still entirely nonsensical. I think he broke Rebecca's brain.

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Ron Paul stayed flat

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Back when Loesch was a mom-blogger and newspaper columnist she was much more sane. She started the right wing stuff because it got her attention and ratings and at least at the beginning she didn't believe most of what she said, she was doing it just for the career boost. Sadly, I think she now does believe it.

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Yea, MO loves Limbaugh. His cousin is a highly politically connected Federal Judge, and outside of the metro areas (STL, KC, and the city limits of Columbia) MO is in the deep south. Obama lost here.

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Wow, our Websense filter blocks that site. For once I'm happy about that damned thing.

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Whee! Your first post is hopefully an indicator of the editorial tone you will take. You'll fit in just fine here.